Riff Raff spells the obvious with the obvious, Mary J. Blige lets a computer zip up what’s left of her cred, and Linkin Park surprise with the simple in Week 23 of the mighty word dance with Lady Video.

Riff Raff – ‘Kokayne

Because the world needs another song about railing lines until it’s time to punch holes in walls, here’s noble trash Riff Raff, months late with the drop of his record, spelling out cocaine with digital coke and razor blades. The Saturday morning cartoon lettering is pretty damn unsettling. But at least, unlike the labeled title of the song, the drug is spelled correctly in the video:


Mary J. Blige – ‘Suitcase

Lame, sterile beat drawn with a syringe out of the corpse of 90s R&B, Blige attempts to slap a hook on a dump-track that doesn’t even make any sense. How can one be “already gone” and “zipping up” a suitcase at the same time? In that regard, so goes a perfectly cheesy video to narrate the thing with animations of faux-leather being zipped and boring block-letter fonts:


Cover Drive – ‘Dis Ain’t Love

Barbados dancehall crew maybe not with the sharpest pens, nor great ideas for lyric videos, but, hey, over Riff Raff and Mary J. Blige this week, a sunny backyard chop of the band dancing like fools and a simple shade-flutter lyric paste over the screen gets the job done:

"Dis Ain't Love"

Bleachers – ‘Shadow

fun.‘s pop mastermind, Jack Antonoff, heads to the gym with some beefy ladies (and dudes) as a metaphor for the tough side of love, and the strength that he (or you!) could bring to it. Grrr. Unpolished, save for the throwback filter, sentiments scribed over the entire screen make for an entertaining instructional feel:


Linkin Park – ‘Wastelands

Still chasing the rap-shred sweet spot, “Wastelands” aint’ bad. It’s smart, has some dystopian commentary going on, and rides this filthy snare ride along the way. Paired with absolutely nothing but clean, courier new or whatever newspaper font they’re using, puts LP on the top of the lyric vid hill. At least this week: