Macca‘s lyric people, Robyn and Royksopp‘s kaleidoscope ex-banger – literally and figuratively – Ariana Grande‘s seductive shadow problems and more in Week 17 of lyrics’ ongoing reach to dazzle both your eyeballs and your ears. People, lyric people. This is a first.

Paul McCartney & Wings’ – ‘Band on the Run

Every once in a while an iconic marquee act will drop the lyric video treatment upon a classic track. When Creedence did it a ways back in January it was without peg at all – just “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?” in its simple glory. Macca and his team are clever here, though, tying the classic three-part Wings saga to the seemingly endless ‘Out There’ tour the wily Beatle keeps adding dates to. They made people out of lyrics, guys!

"Band on the Run"

The Roots – ‘When the People Cheer

Supposedly an ‘anti-rap’ opera, so the uncredited blogosphere squawks, here we are with the first jam from the follow-up to 2011’s undun, the newly anointed Tonight Show stalwarts’ 11th record, …And Then You Shoot Your Cousin (May 13). Opening the curtain is this stereotype-karate chopper, narrated in back-alley blues and reds of a claymation protagonist and his adventures in warehouses filled with Apple Jacks. It’s hypnotizing, and perfect:

"When the People Cheer"

Royksopp & Robyn – ‘Do it Again

Quite possibly the most emphatic banger aimed at not banging your ex, Robyn comes in crystalline over Royksopp’s knob fiddling while the two throw high-contrast kaleidoscopic punches of block letters and rabid dogs at your eyeballs, among portraits of themselves and other hypnotic patterns. Make sense in the proverbial Game sort of way. Don’t do it again, kids – leave the ex an ex:

"Do it Again"

The Cab – ‘Lock Me Up

Vegas-based Fall Out Boy peers have a new EP to tease. It’s called Lock Me Up. And its masochistic title track, apparently, is best paired with a gorgeous Danish supermodel dragging a dude in chains through sand and shore. Insert metaphor where appropriate. If they were going for cinematic, mission accomplished:

"Lock Me Up"

Ariana Grande feat. Iggy Azalea – ‘Problem

Exhibit a.) on how simply a beautiful lyric video can come together, just with a little shadow and light play. The font changes are a little jarring, but the noir and horn strut tie it all together like a best-of Calvin Klein ad-reel, 20-year-old Ariana Grande taking the song’s vindictive hook into seductive corners: