Sebastian Bach‘s got no apologies for y’all, none, in the comic book version of what his life has apparently become, while Charli XCX has paired with bubble letters and disco lights to explode your heart muscle and Tom Vek‘s raising the bar on literate advert themes. Artists are getting crafty these days, in the week’s best lyric videos, sweet 16 of 2014. This is good. Lyrics need videos. Videos need lyrics. We need to write about them. Everybody wins.

Tom Vek – ‘Sherman (Animals in the Jungle)

Pairing the militant talk-sing pop warrior’s metaphorical page from The Bonfire of the Vanities to word and synth-dice a warehousian flashbulb premonition about how absurd our worries really are most of the First World time comes this cryptic graphic novel approach, complete with thought bubbles and faceless silhouettes. It’s frightening in an advert kind of way. Which is brilliant, in a brilliant kind of way:

"Sherman (Animals in the Jungle)"

Charli XCX – ‘Boom Clap

Ah, brit-pop worth a piece of wax – here’s that perfect bridge between cheesy and irresistible hook, with a trapped-in-a-disco light video to remind what the sound of a heart makes when it done feel good on the dance floor. Explode your boom-clap muscle and your eyeballs at the same time, ready go:

"Boom Clap"

Thirty Seconds to Mars – ‘Bright Lights

Everything that’s not commissioned NASA footage just seems like a let down compared to the footage Hollywood Leto’s been pairing with straggler singles from Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams. Nevertheless, if you dig the overwrought cinematic presence the band has been pushing for years, the peek-through block letter effect of sell-out crowds and big-city dreams will feel right at home, here:

"Bright Lights"

Hundred Waters – ‘Xtalk

Gainesville, FL’s finest dream popsters take the minimalist route to tease a new jam from their sophomore kick, The Moon Rang Like a Bell, pairing a surreal painting with a delicate strobe of sinewy handwritten lyrics fading in and out like a strobe light, the screen-like structures in the image flickering with different patterns ever so subtly if you pay attention at the right moment. Which is damn near perfect for the ethereal kiss of Nicole Miglis’ ruminations on the way lover’s talk. Perhaps ‘x’ lovers:


Sebastian Bach – ‘Taking Back Tomorrow

Supporting Bach’s fifth hair-whipping fist of an LP, Give ‘Em Hell, since getting fired by the Skid Row crew in the 90s, too many great things happening at once in this staccato thrasher – the comic book theme taking it over the top. The low budget conviction of Bach, meandering through big white bordered scenarios, lamenting the 9-to-5 situation he’s arrived in, clad in a suited version of his arena self – it’s this perfect blend of bravado and vulnerability only time and a lyric video can create:

"Taking Back Tomorrow"