Photo: Glory Glory

Not always a game of changing the lyric video game, in lucky number week 13 of the Best Lyric Vids of the Week, as we see another set of five artists balance the line between minimalist and boring. Though Matisyahu lost his beard powers since he started buying razors, so he has a handicap. And The Baseballs. Well, they’re just silly Germans with a strange affinity for America and rockabilly. They don’t know any better. Anyhow, everyone gets an A for sentiment effort, as that’s all a lyric video can hope to be – sentiment -> et al.

Glory Glory – ‘Indigo Son

Halifax dream pop crew with just a wee bit of buttery funk in their spine put together a functional streamer, here, mirroring their Grizzly Bear sparkle guitars and sky-shot cathartics with a jet stream stencil tracing of the necessary steps to chase the brightness. Tied back to an April 1 EP, So Long, they’re off to fine start:

"Indigo Son"

Matisyahu – ‘Watch the Walls Melt Down

Since cleaning up and shaving down to the clean face of just another white rapper, Matisyahu’s near killed his edge along with his hasidic flex with the last lyric video he put together, “Live Like a Warrior,” with some oddly placed Pac-Sun pop vibes and some cheesy glowing embers. There’s still a bit of cheese here, taking Pac-Sun to even greater heights with a Pacific Coast beach and road montage. But once again, you can’t argue with the positivity of the wall-tearing message it preaches. Plus he also promises in line to “always be [our] hassidic reggae super star:”

"Watch the Walls Melt Down"

The Baseballs – ‘Goodbye Peggy Sue

So some Germans name themselves after America’s greatest pastime, slick their hair back and emulate an era of rockabilly as best they can. Of course it’s wildly popular anywhere but America. But hey you wily Germans, if you want to ‘break hearts in the name of rock and roll’ with this kitschy red high heel strut of an animation, more power to you, the eye candy abounds – the parachuting lyrics are choice:

"Goodbye Peggy Sue"

Thievery Corporation – ‘Depth of My Soul’ feat. Shana Halligan

Part James Bond mystique, part lounge sass, Thievery Corporation ditch the propulsive backbeats to simmer in the dark shadows of the soul. In that regard, the alleyway flickering of blue and greens aside a cursive font like some forever trip outside the backdoor of a club fits perfectly:

"Depth of my Soul"

Motörhead – ‘Crying Shame

Some lyric video love to the knife-toss piano stabber lead single off their 21st album, Aftershockjust dropped this past October, all grizzle and spit with shaky images of concrete and some dude’s hands behind what appears to be a prison montage. It’s a hard knocks life, friends, but Motörhead’s got the slap in your face to toughen your purdy face up:

"Crying Shame"