Lily Allen goes twee for the love of the dating game, The Hold Steady play it animated nondescript with an ode to the bar scene, and Sisyphus with a no-lyric-lyric-video curveball, as we notch into week eight of another crop of the internet’s finest word-dicing video fun time.

The Hold Steady – ‘Spinners

Always been about those rafter rawk hooks with these dudes, this time ’round raising a fist – er, glass – to bar room class, which is perfect Hold Steady vérité riding that line between cheese and dashboard hand smack. As a visual stimulant to the metaphors within “salted rims and frosted mugs,” likewise with this glossed over animated city scape that would fit nice and right on a gaggle of sports bar TVs, flashing nondescript in the background:


Sisyphus – ‘Alcohol

Ah yes, the lyric video that is, in fact, not a lyric video at all, save for the lead still on this oddly wonderful collaboration’s – Sufjan Stevens/Son Lux/Serengeti – Vimeo profile. Instead, a barrage of pop-culture shock images blast your brain, from Kurt Cobain‘s iconic gun clip to duck-facing trixies, courtesy of New York-based artist, Jim Hodges, which when paired with ‘Geti’s pretty heavy diatribe on the mindfucks of addiction, is kind of great:


Lily Allen – ‘L8 CMMR

Text babble, 8-bit, a pinch of auto-tune, you’re better than this, Allen. Where’s the double-standard cutthroat pop of “Hard Out Here?” Not every song’s a statement, but this is twee boy-toy crap lab-cooked for a Hot Topic film roll:


The Sword – ‘Arcane Montane

Not as rad as their Thundercats-esque toke-and-lava-lamp montage on “Hidden Masters,” but pretty damn nature gnarly perfect if you happen to be reading Into Thin Air, like this dude behind the keyboard, images of a fraction of the animated beasts that dominate that former single giving way to a slow-roll of jagged Everest-like mountain peaks and inky meadows, all in neo-classic Sabbath chase of the secrets of the mountain:

"Arcane Montane"

Santana – ‘La Flaca

Teaming per usual with another one of Latin tuneage’s elite, Columbia’s Juanes studs this steamy slice of blues bailar, Juanes’ back-alley “la flaca” (the skinny one) love wants and needs lit on fire by the Santana shred. Why they chose a Dia de Los Muertos animation is a curious splash of cold water, but if you dig your lyrics on cartoon puebla buildings and billboards, have fun getting off:

"La Flaca"