Kaleidoscopic chest-thumping, obsessively moleskinning, big-budget .gif graffiti – plenty of stops pulled out this week on the internets in dire hopes of literary sexing up your eyeballs. Or whatever Dominique Young Unique means when she says she’s gonna let us all “kiss the ass quake,” in yet another installment of the week’s Best Lyric Vids.

Dominique Young Unique – ’Throw it Down

Unique doesn’t get enough creed in an Angel Haze and Azealia Banks dominated machine-gun rap game, the way of firecracker 90s upstarts. All three of ’em were born in ’91, oddly, months apart. But hush that though, ’cause “Throw it Down,” with its demonic synth line and “Insane in the Membrane” pitch curve, may not be poetry, but the kaleidoscopic text overlay and tapestry assault does a song about tooting one’s own horn quite right. Plus she makes the phrase “ass quake” plausible:

"Throw it Down"

The Legendary Tigerman – ‘Do Come Home

How this portuguese threat earned his “legendary” stripes is a mystery. Let’s just b thankful he’s not some 19-year-old from the suburbs of LA with a streak of blonde in his hair and a winey take on punk. His breed of white-bred porch blues ain’t breaking molds here, but it’s still damn chill for meditational three-riff days. And this little obsessively detailed moleskin does the yearning sentiments right:

"Do Come Home"

5 Seconds of Summer – ‘She Looks So Perfect

Ignoring the twee shadows of the YouTube cover corners these Aussies bubbled up and molded out of, and the depth of expression just a hair above level ‘robot’, this stop-motion .gif is actually pretty damn rad in its wielding of graffiti and cheese. So well done, kids/label:

"She Looks So Perfect"

Vanna – ‘Preying

Boston thrashers fail to go big or self-deprecating home here. Why did you guys not act this out in the mirror? Why? Suppose that would have been too easy. But still, guys, the twisted sidewalk chalk effect cheapens every sort of cutthroat frustrations inherently possess:


Daley – ‘Be

Opposite his studio, salmon-washed close-up vid, the teary-eyed UK R&B talent actually improves this overwrought panty-dropper with a blessed out blurred vision of what may or may not be traffic lights, speckled with what of course, some rain, for that extra (elbow-jab) drama – functional heartache design: