We’ve got Laura Jane Grace writing transgender booby strifes, Timeflies bobbing and weaving through a virtual heartache English California skateboard obstacle course, Katy Perry in a virtual speaker getting her “Aphrodite” on and more, with another week of words turned videos turned songs. February is not the cruelest month, if you’re a fan of pop.

Against Me! – ‘FUCKMYLIFE666

Transgender boys will be transgender boys as Laura Jane Grace ups the punk pride ante with a grainy, black and white body-image montage of bra-burning, doll-playing reflection sliced perfectly raw with lyrics on everything from pill bottles to breasts:


Tokyo Police Club – ‘Hot Tonight

What could be won alone with the making-it-rain with cheese slices scene aside the lyric “the money was nice,” is padded nice and right with urban pop instagram bait from cell phone text thumbin’ to messages in the snow, all chasing a hand-clapped “hot tonight” with that heart worth burning houses down over:

"Hot Tonight"

King The Kid – ‘Last Train’ 

Same pop nugget story as Tokyo Police Club, except pretty damn fresh-faced cheesy guys. ‘Bout to start a teenage riot with all those smirks. Meanwhile, those baby blue lyric assaults about being on a worry-less “last train rolling” ride functions simple enough, we suppose, should you like dudes in sleeveless flannel cutoffs with teen heart woes:

"Last Train"

Katy Perry – ‘Dark Horse ft. Juicy J

So this is what life is like in the inside of a bass-dropping, Juicy J chest-thumping speaker with Katy Perry on vocal-stripper pole duties. Journey to the center of a triangle. Is that a filthy metaphor? Either way, it’s a choice piece of eye candy, actually, heart-whipping lyrics rotating like a short-circuiting neon sign:

"Dark Horse ft. Juicy J"

Timeflies – ‘All The Way’ 

Week of the pop bangers, guys. Intoxicating, albeit candy-crunch fist-waving, again, about young love, this concrete surf cruise. It’s like a heartache English obstacle course, bobbing and weaving through commitment. In that regard, great work dudes, especially for wearing skate pads:

"All The Way"