Lipstick, double exposures, a token handwritten font and more from another weekly crew of some music hearts wishing to put all those of hours of pen to paper to music sheet, into the glory of the lyric video. Come for Ghetts‘ ‘daydreamin’, stay for Tim McGraw‘s ‘neon Jaegerbomb’ tail-chasin’.

Ghetts – ‘Rebel

Though the UK grime upstart wastes a bit of energy thumping his own chest, the complete package here – blood red scale film effects, too many exposures to count and thick swaths of sporadic white lyrics – rides a swampy blues riff with an uplifting message for the unheard. Ghetts, the Rebel With a Cause, so he says:


We Have Band – ‘Someone

Another UK crew, with another emotional fist in the air, except We Have Band weave a yearning soul thread in their window-down explorations of new wave groove and “lust,” popping like a tropical Starburst pack with a bright orange sunburst gradient and faux-3D block sentiments. Never every give up, kids:


Tim McGraw – ‘Lookin’ For That Girl

Country-pop fully eating itself in parody now, here’s Tim McGraw with a montage of himself looking cool and a bevy of models conveying the depth of “that girl” he’s been waiting for all his life. You know, the one that drinks ‘neon Jagerbombs’ and digs shotgun in his Silverado. Meanwhile, the handwritten lyric feel ain’t all that bad, actually, assuming McGraw’s sincere, here:

"Lookin' For That Girl"

Kylie Minogue – ‘Into the Blue

Lipstick-mirror baptism with pop’s finest chameleon, epileptic flashing like a self-made runway for those moments when y’all choose not to brake that mirror like a Hollywood cliche and instead write uplifting messages on it in your favorite color of lipstick. Little cheesy, still, but get it Kylie, get it:

"Into the Blue"

Avicii – ‘Addicted to You

Curious little Avicii banger here, strewn with a palate of instagram filters over backlit faux-negatives, starring what appears to be Tumblr’s finest viral models, as the text rolls out uninspired and phoned in, while the true star of the track, Audra Mae, burns home the ‘addiction’ hook with the arena-soul panache of Adele. Anything for the YouTube counts, eh?

"Addicted to You"