The Kaiser Chiefs take letters to the chalkboard, rap-rock mystic upstarts Deadgroove make use of the old slide film grain burn-ups and violin stud Owen Pallett opts for sterile gallery-like shots of everyday boring objects, all earning metaphors like it’s English Lit forever in yet another week of music land’s text relationship with sweet lady video.

Owen Pallett – ‘On a Path

The violin maestro now fully out of Andrew Bird‘s shadow, notching academy award nominations and Arcade Fire collaborations, Pallett’s on his fourth record, teasing a sterile shot of images aside a his usual sweeping string and Morrissey-croon dirge, attacking corporate and materialistic value systems it seems. A little PSA-ish at times, but compelling, if you’re one to appreciate the metaphor of a video game controller tangled in wires aside a lyric about our legal system:

"On a Path"

Kaiser Chiefs – ‘Coming Home

The edge of another “Ruby” long since softened, drummer and founding ethos progenitor Nick Hodgson jumping ship, singer Ricky Wilson poached for the UK edition of The Voice, the hook ain’t bad on this Killers howl of an achy-heart homecoming ballad, promising fires and diligent recording tactics of said events, but why letters on a chalkboard? And animated! Shooting yourselves in the foot, guys:

"Coming Home"

Until We Are Ghosts – ‘Wearing Thin

InVogue Records’ latest hardcore pedigree from Rochester NY open the curtain furiously here with the lead single from their debut due in May, Bitterseed. “Wearing Thin,” taking no prisoners with its vindications. The symbolism of a crow picking at a twig – lost in our translation. But the sepia tone and old book feel of the still and text assault is befitting:

"Wearing Thin"

Miniature Tigers – ‘Swimming Pool Blues

Still breeding the kind of indie twee just absolutely irresistible, but cut with honest despair, this here’s your summer jam cure for all those  ‘swimming pool blue’-eyed heartbreakers out there. The Tigers dropped the ball on the video, coming off like an instructional afternoon kids special with chord changes bubbling up in the corner, but in the name of twee and summer, it does some shimmering in the end:

"Swimming Pool Blues"

Deadgroove – ‘The World

Mystique their immediate modus operandi – no bios, no press, no descriptors anywhere – what we know about Deadgroove so far is that they have two songs, this, and “Wild Things,” may or may not be from Rhode Island – judging from a bill they were a part of in February – and jumpstarted this smooth rap-rock machine in the last quarter of 2013.  They don’t suffocate. Horns, sparkling guitar work, a little cool kid syndrome with the vocal inflection, but it’s abrasive, and entertaining. Old slide film grain text-burn up works well:

"The World"