Evaporating sparkle-dust sentiments from Zedd and Miriam Bryant, the old marker on the body push from Sleeper Agent as they reopen the book on apocalyptic pop, and smooth, confident cursive from our favorite soul upstart of 2013, Aloe Blacc, dominate week three of 2014’s best new crop of lyric videos. Listen with your eyeballs, people.

XO – ‘Coast

The brothers from Say Anything set out teasing sounds from their debut side project, Heart, with a soft-focus dashboard cam, double exposures and a pretty straightforward text overlay to tambourine and quintessential fuzz pop their way into the hearts of coast-loving good times, following a protagonist that splits for a little adventure. Won’t blow your mind. But will set ya free if ya want it to:


The Sword – ‘Hidden Masters

Neo-classic Sabbath without the shrill, Austin metal crew do what metal crews do best and denounce history’s love affair with blind faith, pointing to you, listener, with a sludgy hook from the rock gods to entertain the idea of some other ominous purveyor of doom coming down to Earth to give you shit. Meanwhile, this Thundercats meets lava lamp video with huge block letter annunciations is throughly entertaining:

"Hidden Masters"

Sleeper Agent – ‘Waves

Kentucky indie-popsters chase apocalyptic cheer here in a black-and-white effort to get cathartic, it appears. Hair dye and muddy lyrics find their way across floors and bodies and various walls to drive the point home. California’s a long way from Kentucky to be worrying about it washing away, but perhaps that’s what makes Sleeper Agent endearing – they care about their fellow ‘murrican:


Aloe Blacc – ‘The Man

Bit bloated in the ego department, but Blacc’s earned it with a string of stellar lyric vids over the past couple months. Here the soul upstart get his soul strut on with a meaty horn section and as pompous a strut of cursive-laced sentiments an “I’m the man” hook can handle without shooting the pompous moon:

"The Man"

Zedd feat. Miriam Bryant – ‘Push Play

Absolutely no idea what’s going on in this sparkle and text dust of an overproduced leopard skin steering-wheel cover banger. Pro lush? Anti lush? Fun to look at though, nonsensical lyrics satisfyingly evaporating into the dancefloor ether:

"Push Play"