Metal heads with a hatred for correct spelling, despite respectful penmanship, a fan-made lyric homage to the beast that has become the ‘selfie’ and the FernGully version of Creed vie for your attention, in the opening curtain of another year in the elusive lyric video, now capable of charting an artist on Billboard via your eyeball pleasure. 

Young the Giant – ‘Mind Over Matter

Cali-pop at its ‘young man’ finest, exercising the throbbing-key demons of ‘mind over matter’, mind in this case being a large-hearted dude chasing the matter of a relationship, or whatever tangible heartache you can draw out of the adage. The ariel pastel drawings shock and actually support the mood, like inkblots for the dating set, good show, good show:

"Mind Over Matter"

Cazwell – ‘No Selfie Control

Companion piece to the LGBT poster child’s celebration of all things ‘selfie’, in which the cue-ball playa apes a bit of the melody from Daft Punk‘s “Get Lucky” to narrate the pleasures of the digital narcism era, this fan-made mosaic actually dilutes the self-love a bit and almost, almost makes its attempts at humor tolerable:

"No Selfie Control"

Danny Darko – ‘Walk With Me

EDM hopeful Darko chases a collab break here with UK singer Christen Kwame, swathed in light speed synths and a ‘suffering’ hook that just can’t use the power of ‘love’ effectively enough to save itself from a 64-bit ocean graphic at eye level. Unless there’s a metaphor in lyrics that are drowning perpetually in waves:

"Walk With Me"

Casting Crowns – ‘This is Now

It’s been a while since a Christian rock vid has made the weekly cut. A+ for the FernGully tree and moss porn, soft-glow lyrics subtle and branch-like. D for basically being the Sunday morning edition of Creed without the leather pants:

"This is Now"

Barilium – ‘Aenimic

Apparently these dudes don’t like spelling words correctly. Cut like one of those recreated scenes for most-wanted shows, enter Barilium, armed with pen, paper and a sepia filter, to narrate a tale of metal fury so emo, only a notebook display could show it. Y’all should team up with the the Vegan Black Metal Chef, speak like sorcerers together and make millions: