Shakira dabbles in watercolor expressions of love, some self-prescribed “UK Metalcore saviours” do not go gentle into that good parental night, Jesus and Mary Chain get attacked by a strobe light, and more in the 15th week of the year’s best lyric vids.

The Jesus and Mary Chain – ‘Moon Rider

Near two decades out of the game, The Jesus and Mary Chain’s return to form came with this year’s Damage and Joy. As is the nature of their intoxicating distortion swarth, it’s always been hard to make out singer Jim Reid’s narratives. But this is all ace here — tapping into all what it probably feels like to curl up into the fetal position inside one of their amps, crystallizing Reid’s isolating moon-shot lyrics and still retaining that sweet disorientating buzz they thrive on, as Reid and his lyrics try to stay in focus in a strobe light:

Moon Rider

Shakira – ‘Me Enamoré

So Shakira is still making music, and still talented as hell, this the second single from her forthcoming 11th LP. Written entirely in Spanish, it’s a steamy reggaeton-ish number about falling in love with one-liners about the willingness to have 10 kids based on a budding relationship. The watercolor animation rides the emotion well with caricatures of couples and sentiments playing out like a comic-book guide to affection:

Me Enamore

Weaksaw – ‘Storyteller

A southern French metal crew with an anti-war, anti-authoritarian fist, it’s hard to ignore the anti-Trump imagery as secondary to the rest of the song, but revealed in the YouTube comments by member of the band, the song was written over three years ago. Either way, it’s a beautifully shot and edited black and white noir assault on the powers that be that have usurped the power of the ‘story’ from people of the sane world, everything blasting like a hacker-PSA in the middle of a Planet Earth special:


ChuggaBoom – ‘White Mums Can’t Chugg

Another thrasher coming at ya. ChuggaBoom dub themselves “UK Metalcore saviours,” and don Eyes Wide Shut masks. They also have choice sense of humor, dedicated a whole song to a “white mum” of one of the bandmembers, presumably, who sweetly requests her son sing a song without screaming as he could be the next Olly Murrs if he wanted to. Their response? Rage on the computer machine with this all-star edited journey into the comment section in real time. Chugg on, chugg dudes.

White Mums

Collie Buddz – ‘Good Life

And bringing it out this week we’ve got a reminder that despite an impending nuclear arms race and all other things outside of our control, i.e., “work, family, and bills,” says a wise dude named Collie Buddz, we must remember that “life can get hectic and it is easy to get lost in the shuffle,” and well, all a dude needs is this funky fresh dub-pop lite beat, an animation and some girls, weed and a little bit of hooch and we good, we good.

Good Life