Last week Jack White‘s Third Man Records dropped the Blue Series Single news that Beck was on deck, complete with contributing “punk vocal” from Jack and soundbite snippets of both Side A of the May 28 seven-inch, “I Just Started Hating Some People Today” and Side B, “Blue Randy.” At the time the tune appeared to be a moog-drenched heel-stomper of the alt-country ilk both Beck and Jack White are apt at churning out. With a bit of wry humor, of course – hence the song title and the the lyric “saying things that a garbage man wouldn’t say.” But now the five-minute beast in full has reared its head, and those punk vocals make much more sense. Morphing from unadorned lap steel acoustics, to thick moog slatherings, to mic-in-mouth frothings from Jack and a sadistic scat lounge outro by White’s ex-wife Karen Elson – “skiddily diddly wahhh/I’m gonna watch you die/You’re so dead” – there is a complex arch to this “hate.” Our favorite turn-of-hate phrase goes to Beck, in retrospect, though:

I just started wanting to punch your face
You might want to wear a helmet just in case
What was once your face is going to be replaced
And I just started wanted to punch your face!