That’s Why God Made The Radio:

On route to a banner revival year, The Beach Boys are following up their on-stage Grammy reunion and a 50th anniversary tour with their first studio effort since 1995’s Stars and Stripes Vol. 1., the as-of-press-time untitled record dropping June 5. Releasing an homage to the radio single from said effort, “That’s Why God Made the Radio,” dig on their behind-the-scenes excitement video to share it with the world. Best quote: Brian Johnston wide-eyeing, “All our recognizable voices are popping out of a really great song, with cool lyrics.” Seriously, though, they sound immaculate for a group of dudes who first harmonized around a mic 50 years ago.


Last December, Chan Marshall, a.k.a. Cat Power, teased the promise of a new tune leading up to the companion news of a completed new album, her first since 2008’s covers collection Jukebox. That was on Twitter, if social media name-checks make you happy. And the tune was a combo charity drive move for the Festival of Children Foundation and The Ali Forney Centre, a stark reworking of 1996’s What Would the Community Think cut, “King Rides By.” Well, she’s donezo with said forthcoming album, again, revealed via tweet. The title shall be Sun. It will drop September 11. And, lastly, the ambitious word on the intranets is that she played every instrument on it.

64-Channel Audio:

A few years ago at SXSW, Austinites the Octopus Project unveiled an eight-channel experimental performance piece in the parking lot of a Whole Foods dubbed Hexadecagon and it blew our minds. It made us think of The Flaming Lips Zaireeka and its four-cd audio psychedelics. Though some news from the Dolby digital front is raising the bar with plans for a 64-channel tenchology they’re calling “Atmos.” Its purpose right now is for the movie theatre. But it reasonably got us thinking about what an audio artist is going to do with such a set-up. Think about it. It will make you feel good. David Byrne and a 64-piece vocal choir? Skrillex‘s high-art redemption attempt? The possibilities are endless. Who would you like to see get ahold of Atmos, creatively?

Corrina, Corrina:

As part of a compilation for maternal-health advocacy organization Every Mother Counts, Beck contributed a cover of Bob Dylan‘s storied cover of the original 1928 song, “Corrina, Corrina,” in hopes of raising funds towards reducing maternal mortality rates around the world. Full disclosure: Every Mother Counts organizer Christy Turlington Burns is a rather large Beck fan, and commissioned the artist specifically. Pitchfork is reporting, along with a stream of the endearing Beck contribution, that a handful of artists have also contributed new/previously unreleased tunes, from David Bowie to Lauryn Hill and Eddie Vedder, for the eponymous album released via Starbucks on May 1.


The story from Apple Records goes that on this day back in 1968, the Beatles’-founded label turned down a contract with David Bowie. Of course the glam-rock icon not getting signed by the label was probably a blessing in regard to the freedom to weave the genuisry he would go on to weave. Especially this full ironic circle cut with John Lennon seven years later on the subject of the ugly side of “Fame,” Bowie funk-snarling:

Is it any wonder, I reject you first?
Fame, fame, fame
Is it any wonder you are too cool to fool?