Actors perform an edited version of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” on the BBC program, Let’s Sing & Dance For Comic Relief; Photo: BBC/YouTube

BBC One has come under fire recently for its omission of lyrics from Lady Gaga‘s “Born This Way.” The verse, “No matter gay, straight, or bi/Lesbian, transgendered life,” was removed from a performance on Let’s Sing & Dance For Comic Relief, a show where celebrities perform karaoke routines for charity.

“Born This Way” is the lead single to Lady Gaga’s second studio album of the same name. It’s notable for the lyrics which promote empowerment among minority groups including the gay community.

Back in an interview in 2011 with Billboard magazine Gaga was quoted as saying “I want to write my this-is-who-the-fuck-I-am anthem, but I don’t want it to be hidden in poetic wizardry and metaphors. I want it to be an attack, an assault on the issue because I think, especially in today’s music, everything gets kind of washy sometimes and the message gets hidden in the lyrical play.”

Fans took to Twitter expressing their disappointment with the BBC’s decision, emotions ranging from disgust and outrage to embarrassment:

As the above Twitter user calls out — this is the second time producers have chosen to remove the lyrics from one of their programs, the first incident occurring on an episode of Let It Shine.

Update: The BBC has defended its edit of the song, citing, “It is standard procedure to edit down music tracks to fit into the running time of the show,” continuing, “all the tracks were edited for length, musical beats and crucially to ensure the boys each had a section to showcase.”

They then added this jibber jabber verse-chorus babble:

“Therefore, typically sections came out of all of the songs performed for the show. In this case, to get a dance break in, we did what we often do which was to repeat the first chorus as opposed to putting in the second one, especially as in this version of the song we had a slow version of the first chorus.”

“It made sense therefore musically in an edit, to go with a repeated chorus with a faster tempo the second time around.”

Watch the performance of “Born This Way” on Let’s Sing…, followed by the unedited studio version, below: