Stephen Sullivan

Top Hip-Hop Storytellers

One of the best aspects of hip-hop is the way that different rappers use their own flow and style to create stories for their audience. Telling a story that provides the listener with great imagery […]

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Spotlight: Five Modern Rockers and Reggae Artists You Should Know

Sometimes it can feel that the brilliance of classic rock will never emerge again. Music fans often feel stuck, reminiscing about rock legends of the past and wishing that they could have been alive for […]

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Top Hip-Hop Artists of Mainstream and the Underground

1. Eminem Eminem may seem like the obvious top choice to a lot of people. Eminem can be described as the best underground rapper to ever make it mainstream. His lyrics and multi-syllable rhymes cannot be […]

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Album Review: Game – ‘The R.E.D. Album’

Late August saw the release of the rapper Game‘s fourth studio album The R.E.D. Album. This is a mega-album with features from many of the biggest in the game (no pun intended). In production for many years, Game attributed […]

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