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bob dylan triplicate album cover

Bob Dylan – ‘Triplicate’

Triplicate, Bob Dylan’s third collection of American classics, is the stuff of antique couples dressed impeccably for the weddings of their grandchildren, sliding timelessly across linoleum floors. It dances along the forgotten choreographies of ages long […]

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The Jesus and Mary Chain – ‘Damage and Joy’

The Jesus and Mary Chain haven’t put out an album in 19 years, and Damage and Joy feels like the overdue love-child of a relationship that has devolved into a spiral of undying indulgence and […]

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Depeche Mode – ‘Spirit’

Proclaiming humanity to be at the brink of oblivion is a young man’s game — unless you’re Depeche Mode. Spirit, the band’s 14th studio release, is a strikingly apocalyptic album. Though their music has always danced […]

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Sick Scenes album cover

Los Campesinos – ‘Sick Scenes’

Sick Scenes, the sixth album from Los Campesinos!, may be more appropriately titled than the band intended. This record is a stylistic hodgepodge that runs the hipster gamut from mid-career AFI to MGMT. Laying tight-lipped, […]

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Ryan Adams Prisoner

Ryan Adams – ‘Prisoner’

Ryan Adams is the sort of emotive vocalist who breathes nuance into lyrics which would not have it on paper alone. And his 16th studio album, Prisoner, hardly differs from his previous work in that […]

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The Sadies – ‘Northern Passages’

In what appears to be an effort at genre transcendence, The Sadies have recklessly appropriated — apparently without inspiration — such a wide spectrum of musicality so as to dilute any identifiable personality beyond recognition. Northern Passages, while […]

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The Menzingers After the Party

The Menzingers – ‘After the Party’

The Menzingers are getting older. But that’s okay. Maybe. They think. After the Party, their fifth full-length release, is a 13-track meditation on exactly what the title implies — or at least as much as punk […]

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Japandroids Near to the Wild Heart of Life

Japandroids – ‘Near to the Wild Heart of Life’

If you’ve been waiting for the 90s to make a comeback, or simply feel stuck in a purgatorial vortex of nostalgia and righteous angst in the current political climate — listen up. The fourth album from Japandroids, […]

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AFI — ‘AFI (The Blood Album)’

Plenty of bands decline, sell out, or simply fall apart. It’s rare that one actually ages backwards. But AFI has gone full-blown Benjamin Button on their tenth effort, AFI (The Blood Album). The jaded garage […]

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The Flaming Lips – ‘Oczy Mlody’

There’s something in these new melodies that’s distinctly Flaming Lips, circa Bonnaroo 2003 or any Burning Man event ever, Wayne Coyne’s voice stretching out over a vast, barren expanse of kaleidoscopic oblivion in the same way […]

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Preston is a writer, pitmaster, Americana musician, and occasional dabbler in craft beer, mysticism, firearms, politics, and poetry. He lives in the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina.