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Bob Dylan’s Handwritten Lyrics, Heart-Wrenching Tribute to Wisconsin, Going to Auction

Dylan in September of 1961 in NYC (left), aside the handwritten lyrics for “Wisconsin” up for auction (right); Photo: Nate D. Sanders Auctions (left), Michael Ochs Archives/Getty (right) Los Angeles auction house Nate D. Sanders Auctions announced that they […]

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Millennials Rediscover Backmasking in Missy Elliott’s ‘Work It’, Proceed to Freak Out

Missy Elliott laying down the ‘Ti esrever dna ti pilf nwod gniht ym tup I’ bars on her video for “Work It” circa 2002; Photo: YouTube DJ, pick up your phone, it’s 2002 on the […]

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Kendrick Lamar Unleashes on Surprise Single, ‘The Heart Part IV’

The now deleted cover art for “The Heart Part IV;” Photo: Instagram/Kendrick Lamar Kendrick Lamar surprised audiences with the drop of a new single, “The Heart Part IV,” released on streaming services on Thursday night, along […]

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Gorillaz Drop LP4 ‘Humanz’ Deets, Stream Short Film, 4 New Tracks

A promo image via Gorillaz’ Instagram account titled, ‘TRANSMISSION, #wearestillhumanz’; Photo: Gorillaz  Gorillaz officially revealed via Instagram earlier today the name of their upcoming album Humanz as well as the drop date of April 28th. Along with […]

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About Depeche Mode’s New Political Leanings on LP14, ‘Spirit’

David Gahan evoking dictator vibes on new jam, “Where’s the Revolution?;” Photo: YouTube/Depeche Mode The 80s synth-pop pillars Depeche Mode are back with the release of their fourteenth album, Spirit, which came out on Friday (March 17). We wrote […]

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Drake Drops ‘More Life’, Rife with References to Drunk Texting, JLo and Ignoring Jay-Z’s Advice

The cover art for Drake’s latest project, ‘More Life’; Photo: OVO Sound/Apple Over the weekend the Toronto rapper Drake dropped his latest project More Life on Apple Music’s OVO Sound Radio and on any of the streaming […]

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Teen Programmed A.I. Robot Trained to Rap Like Kanye West

17-year-old Robbie Barrat, creator of the rapping AI program, “DeepRap.py;” Photo: Github The robo-rock future race continues. Hang Su’s Christmas ‘Neural Karaoke‘ machine had 3390-word vocabulary. And was terrifying in its entertainment. But this high school kid’s rapping […]

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Canadian Politician Who Used Beyoncé Lyrics Accused of ‘Culture Appropriation’ By Black Lives Matter

Niki Ashton’s campaign ad (left), Ashton (right); Photo: Twitter/Canadian Press Niki Ashton, a left-wing politician from Canada, recently removed an ad from Twitter that used Beyoncé’s lyrics “to the left” from the song “Irreplaceable” after […]

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Morrissey Just Started Selling ‘Black is How I Feel on the Inside’ T-Shirts

Morrissey’s latest merch hawk brandishing a Smiths lyric aside an image of civil rights activist James Baldwin; Photo: True-to-You.net (left)/Wendy Redfern (right) The former The Smiths singer Morrissey has played on the edge of lovably […]

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‘Honest Trailers’ Takes on ‘Beauty and the Beast’, Hilarity Ensues

A screenshot from Screen Junkies’ ‘Honest Trailers’ spin on Disney’s 1991 animate classic, ‘Beauty and the Beast’; Photo: YouTube/Disney/Screen Junkies Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is being graced with a live-action remake starring Emma Watson and Dan […]

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