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Op-Ed: As a German Singer Gets Cut From Eurovision, the Controversial Lyric Debate Gets Murkier

First of all, let’s just bask in the absolute glory that is this name Xavier Naidoo. Apparently he’s a hotshot German R&B singer who happens to throw some pretty intense lyrical Nazism into his tunes. Unsurprisingly, his […]

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Black Moth Super Rainbow - 'SeeFu Lilac' album art

Black Moth Super Rainbow – ‘SeeFu Lilac’

If you’re reading this, chances are you already know what Black Moth Super Rainbow (BMSR) is all about — psychedelic, neon live-tronic indie beats at hip-hop tempos propped up with buzz-saw synths and trippy, vocoder […]

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adele-25-cover copy

Listing: Adele’s Gonna Adele on ’25’

Pop audiences’ feverish anticipation has come to a frothing point: Adele has not only released perhaps the most covered and remixed single of the year, but 25 has now leaked. It’s, exactly, what you’d expect, really […]

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Op-Ed: Misogyny’s Probably Not We Why Collectively Hate Nickelback

Everyone has at least one artist they absolutely loathe, just as much as they have artists they adore. Many artists, at least at some point in their peak years, attract equal parts devotees and detractors. […]

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1035x1035-Cobain_MOH_DLX_RGB copy

Listing: 5 Weirdo Stonerisms from Kurt Cobain’s ‘Montage of Heck: The Home Recordings’

Let’s face it: our posthumous Kurt Cobain voyeurism is creepy. It’s also weirdly more sustainable than it should be. The Montage of Heck film’s release marks 21 years since his death, and this fact might […]

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Artist Behind One of the Most Sampled Tracks of All Time Finally Gets Paid (Sort Of)

It may be about nine years too late and millions of dollars too short, but it’s something. One of the most sampled drum grooves of all time, the “Amen Break” from The Winstons’ “Amen Brother,” finally […]

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The Weeknd Has a $325 Vape Now

Sometimes bro-douche accumulates enough layers to collapse into itself, making a tool singularity. The result, like an eclipse, compels you to burn your retinas as you can’t look away. But these days, Jersey Shore is […]

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RIFF’d: Ellie Goulding’s ‘Delirium’

Ellie Goulding has had enough of being ‘that girl who sang (X super-famous EDM track)’ without anyone knowing her name. She’s done with her remixers getting more attention of her tracks than she has. Like […]

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Taylor Swift Sued Over ‘Shake it Off’ Lyrics for $42 Million

Finally, the long-overdue Taylor Swift backlash might actually gain some ground. It really won’t, of course, as she’s more lawyered up than a frat boy with a DUI. But as it turns out the fairly moronic […]

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Pure Bathing Culture – ‘Pray for Rain’

If Beach House were more, well, beachy, this would be the result. Although I’m sure Pure Bathing Culture wouldn’t want to hear that comparison too much. Pray for Rain sounds like relaxation in either the hazy […]

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