Karl Ernest

RIFF’d: Jack White’s ‘Lazaretto’

A lot of millennials freaked out over the 10-year anniversary of Mean Girls, marking it a milestone in ‘holy crap, I’m getting old’ syndrome. I, on the other hand, get the same set of heebie jeebies […]

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Parquet Courts - 'Sunbathing Animal'

Parquet Courts – ‘Sunbathing Animal’

Parquet Courts are a band that, as NPR eloquently put it, “went from humble Brooklyn warehouse spaces to Late Night With Jimmy Fallon in the span of 12 months,” proving that with relentless touring and the indie hype-machine’s […]

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Streetside: Converge at Seattle’s ‘Rain Fest’; May 23, 2014

It’s Memorial Day weekend in Washington state: all the Pitchfork-hip bands are at the Gorge for the state’s mini-Coachella, Sasquatch!, and the underage kids flirting with hippie culture are at the free Folklife Festival. For those who […]

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RIFF’d: Coldplay’s ‘Ghost Stories’

Since Coldplay‘s two first melancholic, similar-sounding - albeit incredibly infectious - breakout albums, they’ve managed to solidify arena status with even poppier guilty pleasure tunes of bittersweet euphoria (see “Fix You“). Through sheer determination and longevity, they’ve outlasted […]

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RIFF’d: The Black Keys’ ‘Turn Blue’

It’s hard to avoid the narrative trap of filtering an artist’s new music through the lens of their personal life. Here, it’s a non-issue because it’s completely unavoidable. The Black Keys‘ frontman Dan Auerbach went through […]

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Tune-Yards - Nikki Nack

tUnE-yArDs – ‘Nikki Nack’

On Merrill Garbus’ third album as the loop-heavy, worldbeat solo outfit tUnE-yArDs, she “decided to scrap everything” from her previous approach. She not only took drum, voice and dance lessons, but she also studied the mechanics […]

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Materialistic Rap Lyrics: From ?uestlove to Macklemore

The unrelatable nature of art collecting is where The Roots‘ ?uestlove draws the line in materialist rap lyrics, according to a six-week op-ed series with Vulture. Worshiping Adidas (Run-DMC) is cool, but hording Picassos (Jay-Z), not so much. Jay-Z has already drawn […]

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RIFF’d: Pixies’ ‘Indie Cindy’

Indie Cindy, the Pixies’ first record since 1991 was recorded in 2012, and released as a series of teaser EPs throughout 2013 and 2014. As such, while their latest is officially being released this Tuesday, it’s […]

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Asher Roth - Retrohash album art (Wikipedia)

Asher Roth – ‘RetroHash’

It’s been five years since Asher Roth declared how much ‘he loves college‘ parties, and while suburban rapping about beer drinking and weed smoking with other 18-22-year-olds effectively breaks up your Dave Matthews Band mix, eventually he had to put out […]

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Sample Wars: Drake Sued Over Old Jazz Lyric

In case you missed it, Drake was recently sued by the estate of late jazz musician Jimmy Smith for sampling the latter’s “Jimmy Smith Rap” in the intro of Drake’s “Pound Cake/Paris Morton Music 2.” […]

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