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Metal Now Has its Own Charismatic Sign Language Interpreter

The latest in viral videos of sign language interpreters going ham happens to come from a live capture of 3Teeth’s track “Nihil.” 3Teeth are Tool’s opening act for their present tour, known for their industrial rock […]

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Op-Ed: ‘White Privilege II’ is a Step Forward for Macklemore

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that pre-The Heist, Macklemore’s social commentary didn’t come marinated in self-serving fluff, egregiously pandering to white liberal audiences who only go meme-deep into hip hop, but still enjoy armchair slacktivism […]

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RIFF’d: Bloc Party’s ‘Hymns’

Both Hymns and Bloc Party’s last previous album Four came after four particularly long years of waiting. Realistically, every track that has grown to represent them as a band and really cut through to fans came […]

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RIFF’d: Savages’ ‘Adore Life’

The title of Savages’ Adore Life is almost a disclaimer, or a preemptive self-explanation. Lyricist Jehnny Beth is fascinated, if not obsessed, with the power and drawbacks of love, and she’s in love with life […]

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Fred Trump was Woody Guthrie’s Landlord, And of Course He Wrote a Song About it

In a nice little bit of historical serendipity, it turns out that folk music godfather Woody Guthrie was a tenant under Donald Trump’s dear old dad. That’s right, the man whose eternal classic might as well be […]

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Op-Ed: Donald Trump’s ‘USA Kids’ are Doomed

Oh, Trump. We just can’t quit you. In a surprisingly wise move to avoid the inevitable copyright infringement backlash republicans usually incur for stealing intellectual property without permission, The Donald tried something entirely new. He’s […]

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Daughter – ‘Not to Disappear’

When Daughter exploded onto the indie world’s radar a couple years ago, I hated them by default — their rising star eclipsed my similarly-named noise metal obsession in Google-ability. Plus, their singles just didn’t seem […]

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Lip Dubs Hit Michigan Public School with a Twist

Following in the famous footsteps of Washington State’s Shorewood and Shorecrest high schools, and countless copycats since, a Michigan middle school is joining the lip dub game. A lip dub game is taking a popular song […]

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RIFF’d: David Bowie’s ‘Blackstar’

David Bowie‘s 69th birthday marked his 26th solo studio album. Little did some of us know that ‘★’ (more commonly called Blackstar) would be his mortal swan song. It’s an album full of metaphors from old plays, references […]

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Key West Bans Tattoo Parlors with Jimmy Buffett Lyrics

Perhaps taking a page out the Bob Dylan-loving scientist book, city officials decided to drop some Jimmy Buffett lyrics in their recent attempt to keep banning tattoo parlors within Key West’s city limits. Despite the […]

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