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All Eyez on East: The Great Hip-Hop Color Question and Asian-Americans’ Place in It

Let’s be real, we do not live in a post-racial world. And to fool yourself into thinking we do is to embrace myopia at its most debilitating – not to mention the quickest – way […]

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14-Year-Old Bieber Was a Jokester, Racist Lyric Puns Surface

There’s not a pop star out there right now who draws the ire of the public quite like Justin Bieber does. He’s a detestable little mouse who thrives off being a nuisance, a professional asshole […]

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Notes from Mr. Sandman: Cody Chesnutt’s ‘Headphone Masterpiece’

Introducing ‘Notes from Mr. Sandman‘ – a column slapping a spotlight on lyricists overlooked, under appreciated, or just plain criminally slept on. Or like a man named Nas once said, “I never sleep, cause sleep is the cousin of death.” […]

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RIFF’d: 50 Cent’s ‘Animal Ambition’

When he’s not busy throwing the worst possible first pitch you could ever imagine (really, you have to see it to believe it) 50 Cent is enjoying the fruits of a multimillionaire dollar empire. Living like a […]

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Maya Angelou’s Lyric Legacy

Last week the literary community lost one of its most important ambassadors, Maya Angelou. She was a poet, singer and activist – the type of talent that only comes around once in a generation. She was […]

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Macaulay’s Pizza Underground Finally Gets Burnt

In one way or another, no matter what he does, Macaulay Culkin seems to always devolve back into Kevin McCallister – the annoying little dipshit who despite being the protagonist you rooted wholeheartedly against. He’s been sucking […]

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RIFF’d: Sharon Van Etten’s ‘Are We There’

Love can be such a generic subject to explore – been done to death and then some. But when broken down into different shades, and looked at in a new light it has the potential to […]

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Why Mariah’s Lyric Slip-Up Says a Lot About Her New Album

The trainwreck that is Mariah Carey recently made her way to the Today Show in promotion of her newest album, Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse. It’s been roughly four years since her last full […]

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Illustration: Jacqueline Patrice

The Verse: Biggie Smalls

Introducing The Verse - a SONGLYRICS homage to the masters of the lyric, who have a boundless relationship with all time, listener and page. As a nod back, we offer our own narratives, break down every recorded track […]

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Iggy Azalea and Jimmy Kimmel Collide in a Cosmic Fugue of Annoying

Crossover superstar Iggy Azalea recently made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in support of her newest album The New Classic. Before performing she joined Kimmel for a quirky little segment called “New Lyrics for […]

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