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The Olympic Opening Ceremonies: The Music Performances

The artistic director of the London 2012 Olympics, the auteur Danny Boyle, recently unveiled his decidedly pastoral plans for the event’s opening ceremony on July 27th. It was also let slip that Britain’s biggest musical export, […]

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‘Celebration Rock’ by Japandroids

The story has become the stuff of hipster legend. In 2008, Japandroids were on the brink of split. After two relentless, but seemingly fruitless years of holding DIY gigs in the musically vapid Vancouver, Brian King and […]

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“Jumanji” by Azealia Banks

“212” to Azealia Banks is what “Video Games” was to Lana Del Rey. Having uploaded singular, albeit hugely successful viral smashes, both girls suddenly found themselves with a whole lotta hype to live up to. But […]

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The Lyricist: Books on Tape

Upon splitting with his premier muse, Suze Rotolo, Bob Dylan seethed how he had “slipped to a sin of love’s false security.” It is a situation that many of us find ourselves in. Wrapped in […]

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Album Review: Father John Misty – ‘Fear Fun’

In January, J. Tillman announced he was leaving Fleet Foxes. “Back into the gaping maw of obscurity I go,” the drummer declared at the time. And obscurity’s maw bit down hard. Soon after leaving Fleet […]

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Song Review: Best Coast – “The Only Place”

  Summer 2010. The surf pop movement rip curls its way on to the music scene. Beach Fossils, Surfer Blood and Wavves are just some of the aquatic-monikers to shore break. One of the biggest […]

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Album Review: Macy Gray – ‘Covered’

Last month, I reviewed Kisses on the Bottom, a covers album by “the cute one,” Paul McCartney. While I rated the record, there was no getting away from the fact “I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Write […]

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Song Reviews: Books on Tape – “Carnival Lights” / “Memory”

  Books on Tape, aka San Francisco’s Adam Dishart, recently sent us an email asking if we would be up for checking out his latest double-sided single, “Carnival Lights” / “Memory.” Since we are all for […]

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Before They Were Famous (Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and more!)

Believe it or not, but your favorite celebrities used to be average Joe’s once, too. Yup, like us, they also had their fair share of acne, awkwardness and atrocious taste in fashion. Only then they […]

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Song Review: Madonna – “Give Me All Your Luvin'”

Madonna marches straight into #13 on the Billboard Hot 100 this week with “Give Me All Your Luvin’“. Having spent the last four years filing for divorce, launching fashion lines and directing feature films, this […]

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