As disturbingly genius as it was back on their 1982 debut, hardcore’s Jah sons of reggae, Bad Brains, are upon the eve of their first record in five years, Into the Future (November 20), a pseudo homage to the late Adam “MCA” Yauch. A longtime friend of the band and sometimes producer, Yauch produced 2007’s Build a Nation. It’s a challenging disposition, carrying on with a brand and sound that has rightly carved a niche in progressive history, thrashing home Rastafarian philosophy with the tools of punk and dub. Complete with one of the most entertaining frontmen of all time, a dude who goes by the name H.R. all back-flipping and James Brown-ing it up on stage – some attributes that led Yauch anyhow to christen their aforementioned debut as “the best punk/hardcore album of all time.” Do they wager it all with an album called Into the Future? Will they preach the same philosophies as the past? Judging from the lead single and title track, maybe not as venomous, but certainly chasing the same sludgy gnar-smeared peace with an H.R.-drawl of a line like so, no?

I can get your heart and mind