Another fancy Apple advert meant to subversively tug on the strings behind your tech heart hit the web after its debut during The Voice and the NBA Playoffs last night. As is custom, an equally fancy tune narrated things, this time a go-indie-big-or-go-home cover of the Pixies‘ golden ’88 Surfer Rosa jam, “Gigantic.”

On the surface, Kim Deal’s iconic lyrics are usurped to pair with reels of people using the iPhone 5S for nifty real-world applications – a heart monitor, a digital violin, a tuner, etc., etc. – a “gigantic” “big, big love” for a smartphone, that according to Apple will change your relationship with power: “You’re more powerful than you think,” you’re told at its end.

Below the surface, however, “Gigantic,” as the Huffington Post dutifully pointed out, has long been interpreted as a metaphor for, as one SongMeanings scribe articulates, “the big, black cock,” people who stand by this interpretation citing Kim Deal’s purported inspiration drawn from  the 1986 film Crimes of the Heart, in which Sissy Spacek plays a married woman who has an affair with a black teenager.

What do you think? Is Apple in on it? It’s not as overt as the iTouch spot that slung CSS “Music is My Hot Hot Sex,” nor does it include the rest of the verse that digs deeper into the phallic undertones:

Lovely legs there are
What a big black mass, what a hunk of love
He’ll walk her every day into a shady place
Like the dark, but I’d want him

But hey, these lyric things matter, people, no?