A screenshot from AOK’s parody of Kyrie Irving and Lebron James via Eminem’s ‘Stan’; Photo: AOK/YouTube

In the biggest story of the NBA offseason, All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving asked to be traded from the Cleveland Cavaliers. The request shocked the basketball nation, and it was later revealed through sources close to Kyrie that the reason was to escape LeBron James‘ shadow.

The drama between the two proved to be more entertaining than the entire NBA playoffs, and it was no surprise when a savvy group of filmmakers decided to mock the melodrama that has unfolded.

AOK (a YouTube channel operated by The Jackal Group) put together an animated short using Eminem‘s “Stan” as a way to parody the love/hate relationship between LeBron and Kyrie. The video opens with the hook:

LeBron is mad I’m wondering why
I asked for a trade at all
I scored 40 in the finals
But I can’t please LeBron

Similar to “Stan” the video then has Kyrie penning a series of contentious letters to LeBron, each more self-destructive than the last. Multiple shots are fired including a verse where Kyrie brings up LeBron’s much-maligned departure from Cleveland.

Hey Bron that’s Dan Gilbert screaming in the hall
But I didn’t stab his back
I let him know first see I ain’t like you
‘Cause if he trades me he’ll get a good player back too

As it stands both Kyrie and LeBron are at a stalemate, one not revealing to the other what their true thoughts are. A trade is in the works, but owner Dan Gilbert won’t make a move unless the right scenario comes around. There is certainly a possibility that Kyrie won’t get traded, which will make the upcoming season with the Cavs that much more interesting.