The only track Ghostface Killah doesn’t appear on, neo-lounge crooner “Drivin’ Round,” from anticipated hip-hop super project between Wu-Tang and D-Block talents, Wu-Block, made its way onto the intranets. The eponymous record dropping proper on November 27, Styles P., Masta Killa and GZA trade social-strife verses over an eery angel-croon from Erykah Badu, floating “step in the car and go/’round down by a lady/And I’ll be waiting at the door/We ’bout to go,” production work via Termanology slow-rolling in on the heels of xylophone and chord-sweep smoke-rings. If it’s any indication at the speed at which Wu-Block, the album, chases, get your fisheye lenses ready. Curious GZA introspection:

What is the key to life with no ignition?

Another jumpstart

Then I’m on my mission