According to UK karaoke empire Lucky Voice, the most popular sung song this year was Adele‘s “Someone Like You,” of the 3.1 million songs recorded by the company that offers a service to turn your computer into a karaoke machine (via NME). Not surprising really. People like to get drunk and cathartic. And “Someone Like You” is a perfect blend of the heartache, wink and over-it trifecta that fellow karaoke starlet Kelly Clarkson dominated with back a few year’s ago with “Since U Been Gone.” A little less rock vindictive. But the same tugs are there. And ball and chained or not, it’s both funny and endearing to belt out Adele’s dramatic turn-of-phrase – “Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead.” Adele had two more showings in Lucky Voice’s top-10 list, actually, “Rolling in the Deep” and “Make You Feel My Love,” nestled up aside Queen and Bon Jovi standards. And of course Carly Rae Jepsen‘s pixie stick of a summer flirt jam came in second. But none of this matters, as we want to know what you would pick as the year’s best karaoke song? We’ll lead with our nod to Kraeyshawn‘s “Gucci Gucci,” because nothing’s finer than watching someone trying to brat-rap, especially in “one big room, full of bad bitches:”

And we stunting like Gucci Gucci, Louis , Louis, Fendi, Fendi, Prada

Basic bitches wear that shit so I don’t even bother