The Google once again revolutionizing the way we consume music, took to mediating Alicia Keys fifth LP, Girl on Fire yesterday with a live, track-by-track walkthrough. And in case you missed it, it’s up on her YouTube channel indefinitely up until the release of the record proper on November 26. Complete with cameras on a handful of collaborators and fans, no offense to you dear radio, previous kings of this format, but it’s entirely entertaining to see Keys and crew light up and dig into some of the stories on the record, like that one time she went to go see Radiohead for inspiration. Or lessons learned on “space” for the first time. Bouts of chair-dancing ensue. Mysteries of the creative process are revealed. Some awkward fan moments. Fun stuff, if you don’t care for the old record-store-day blind suspense. Also, she enjoys writing lyrics while eating pizza. Who knew? What do you think of the new tuneage? Songs in A Minor-level or no?