Some breakups leave you morose and confused; they make you question who you are, what you’ve done and what you’ll do next. Other breakups are like a shot of adrenaline: they help you find (or regain) your self-control and your self-respect.

Waxahatchee’s latest album, Out in the Storm, was reportedly inspired by a breakup that singer-songwriter Katie Crutchfield went through recently. Judging from her lyrics, this one falls squarely in the latter category. She says as much on “Sparks Fly:”

She’s even more direct when she declares in the next verse, “See myself clearly for the first time.”

Out in the Storm’s other songs make clear how hard it was for Crutchfield to reach this point. The lead track, “Never Been Wrong” contains intimations of gaslighting:

Even with the relationship over, Crutchfield doesn’t feel like letting bygones be bygones. On “Brass Beam,” she delivers this withering analysis:

Crutchfield may have hard feelings, but her music doesn’t wallow in rage or self-pity. Her indomitable riffs, luminous tunes and sweetly sneering vocals all serve notice that she’s done letting some manipulative creep drag her down. So do the album’s hard-driving rhythm section and clear production.

“I’m fading, fading away,” Crutchfield sings on the last track, “Fade.” Don’t count on that: Out in the Storm shows her getting loud and proud. She is Waxahatchee, hear her roar.