You know times are tough when even The Killers are getting serious.

Yes, those Killers. They of the perplexing philosophical conundrum, ‘Are we human or are we dancer?’”

On their new album Wonderful Wonderful, Brandon Flowers and company dial back their loopy, amped-up frivolity a notch or three. On the closing track, “Have All the Songs Been Written?”, Flowers sounds borderline morose: [LISTEN]

But fear not, Mr. Brightside hasn’t turned to the glum side — he’s just found a stronger sense of purpose. The Killers’ first album in five years finds them putting their disco beats and cornucopia of hooks to the service of dance-rock anthems meant to perk up a beleaguered populace.

They don’t get too pointed about any particular societal ill, though. The closest that Flowers’ lyrics get to current events are the references to senators and “fake news” on “Run for Cover.”

Instead, Wonderful Wonderful touches on more personal travails. Flowers has said that the title track refers to his wife’s struggles with depression: [LISTEN]

Flowers also told NME that “Rut” is about his wife seeking help for PTSD: [LISTEN]

Flowers’ compassion and sincerity make his bandmates’ slick licks and rhythms connect. It doesn’t even matter that Wonderful Wonderful lacks a knockout single on the order of “Human” or “Somebody Told Me.” With such clear and present goodwill, mere super-catchiness will suffice.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Flowers has kept his sense of humor, as evinced by the funky, tongue-in-cheek braggadocio of “The Man:” [LISTEN]