Flexing less aggression than their 2013 fuzz-scrap poet break, Major Arcana, that saw indie laureate Sadie Dupuis’ moment in the wily Pavement nostalgia sun boasting “I’m getting my dick sucked on the regular” in between justifications like “Oh my mouth is a factory for every toxic part of speech I spew,” picking apart the Real Hair EP may not be as a venomous adventure, but it sure as hell is just as entertainingly self-deprecating, Dupuis yearning in its pinnacle moment of truth on “Oxygal,” “Who wants to sleep by her who death becomes/Someone who sleeps with her neck in reverse,” before demanding:


Dupui’s getting damn good at boiling those hooks into quotable phrases, much like the Malkmuses and the Carrie Brownsteins that have paved the way for her. Maybe that’s a reflection of the breakup themes that dominated Major Arcana, with a little space to dive into the whys and the hows of the everlasting quest to find something real. “If I don’t think that you’re crazy/Do I not think?” she posits on quintessential 90s college rock whirl, “American Horror,” like a caricature of every literate punkette to light up a gentrified scene. She’s breaking more hearts than she things she is.

By the time its 14 minutes are coming to an end, and she’s waxing on about forcing herself to dig some “pretty waiter” on “Shine Theory” you might miss the fellatio balls of full LP Dupuis, but the way she’s spinning her hindsight these days only reveals a Speedy Ortiz a mere record away from breaking out of the shadow of the music hearts that spawned her band:

"Shine Theory"