If fans are ready to face the fancy rhythmic wonder they’ve gotten used to from Hot Chip, then In Our Heads is awaiting their attack.

At first, the tone may sound a bit more mellow than the usual band, but even if that were a concern, it isn’t worth getting upset over. Even the band’s slowest jams are still genuinely entertaining.

In true character, Hot Chip spikes the musical spectrum with its feistiest content at the very beginning of the album. “Motion Sickness” is an absolute joy to hear, full of innovative synth-pop magic. We’re not sure whether it’ll make you inspired or perspired, but both are usually good for the body and mind. So go with it! Jump!

The band rocks like Devo but in a way that manages to avoid outdatedness. Though the 80s pop sound has gone rotten, this electronic band stays afloat with the right energy to keep listeners on their feet–or in their chairs. Hot Chip produces the kind of electronic music you can totally dance to, but it might be the kind that’s better swaying back and forth with your eyes closed, snapping your fingers. At least In Our Heads is that way. It’s one hell of a party, but instead of enjoyed amongst your friends, it’s a great time in your head. Hence the name, perhaps.

Look At Where We Are” speaks this in volumes. Fans can hear the British vocals most clearly here, sounding as if they were literally pressed up against the microphone, with a bluesy sort of guitar vibe and choppy vocal variations between verses. It’s a cool, calm song that shows off the sultry side of the band, singing:

From the deep silence of my mind
Is something I’m trying to find
When it speaks you know you will hear my name
Not so complex in design
But harder to mind

The transition between Hot Chip’s fast-paced electronica and head-bobbing lo-fi mantra fell rather smoothly. Where the band’s harmonic vocal wonderment once electrified, it now fits their more meaningful words and step-touching quiet successes even more suitably.

Always Been Your Love” is the sweetest ode to a special someone. It charms with the words

In our heads there’s always been a dream we’ve all wanted to belong to
I don’t know if I will be the same again

Hot Chip may have struggled finding a platform to surround a wake in the success of One Life Stand and other previous albums. After all, it must be difficult finding where to start after such renowned acclaim of their stylish beats. The band found the place, but it didn’t flow as steadily as it has in the past.

The seven-minute-long “Flutes” isn’t strong enough to last its entire length without dragging on, but it proves to experiment with a flurry of newer sounds near its instrumental end. It’s still miles away from a disaster in the end despite its lengthiness.

No shade, though, as they say. Hot Chip ages like a fine bottle of wine, and though their pace may have slowed, their efforts are no less validated. There’s a groove that can’t be messed with, not once during it’s hour-long run. Take it and run, or dance in your seat. Whichever you please; it’s all in your head.