In the shadows of The Rolling Stones‘ 50th anniversary run here, Aerosmith is about to drop their first album in eight years, Music from Another Dimension, oddly pushed back from a late August original drop date, but nevertheless championing the Yankee arm of arena dinosaur rock something fierce. We’ve heard lead single, “Legendary Child,” harkening back to the band’s Toys In The Attic (1975) glory days with lyrics referencing “Walk This Way.” And apparently, the full album has leaked unto the intranets.

But for official release sake, Rolling Stone the magazine has been premiering a track a day leading up to November 6. And yesterday’s unveiling of “Freedom Fighter” deserves special note, as a.) it was written by guitarist Joe Perry and bassist Tom Hamilton, b.) it’s a political statement and c.) Perry write the songs lyrics before putting a single note to it. “The music came as an afterthought because it had to have the drive and the power. I didn’t really care if it sounded like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith or what – it had to have the drive to capture the freedom fighter thing,” Perry told Rolling Stone. That said, it does sound like one of AC/DCs cheesiest “rawk” drives. But it’s skewering of contentious African warlord Joseph Kony is pseudo-noble, no? Even in this first verse-chorus combo?

Well I’m a freedom fighter
And I hear your lies
Ain’t no truth in your smile
Ain’t no truth in your eyes

Well the trail you leave on the blood-soaked ground
It stains us all and it tears us down
The guns you carry and the bombs you make
Cause too many tears, too many hearts to break