Daft Adele:

22-year-old San Diegoan Carlos Serrano is making mashup waves with a stacking of Adele‘s “Set Fire to the Rain” runaway soul-burner upon Daft Punk‘s electro-lounge down tempo gem “Something About Us,” turning it into a pretty stellar monster dubbed “Something About The Fire.” It rather kills softly, in the lovelorn sense. Some spoon-fed crossover appeal right there, Adele. Take heed (via MTV).

Hotfile On The Hotseat:

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and the record companies/movie houses that comprise it, are sharking around file-hosting site Hotfile, according to court papers filed this week, calling upon US courts to do what hath be done to Megapload. Citing Hotfile’s business model as “indistinguishable” from Megaupload‘s in said papers, the MPAA is claiming the “defendants even admit that they formed Hotfile ‘to compete with’ Megaupload.” While Hotfile is firing back with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act’s safe harbor protections, in which a site is not held responsible for users’ copyright infringement so long as the site takes down pirated material upon request. All of this another example that the American government doesn’t need SOPA/PIPA to carryout censorship requests (via Mediapost).

Play Austin Or Die Tryin’: 

Eminem‘s label Shady Records is one-upping Jay-Z‘s SXSW simulcast announcement with the news of 50 Cent‘s glory-day concept, rehashing his breakout 2003 album Get Rich or Die Tryin’ in full at the Austin Music Hall, Friday March 16, which for ya’ll flocking south will be smack in the middle of the live shitstorm of a week. Dig on the ominous casio-themed teaser and showcase deets, complete with ricocheting-bullet sound effects here.

MDNA Tease #3 and #4: 

Following the M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj-studded “Give Me All Your Luvin’” and “Girl Gone Wild,” Madonna teased two more tracks, “Love Spent” and “I’m Addicted” today from forthcoming LP MDNA, both like their predecessors, further chasing the surging heartbeats of the dance-floor. Or at least the 0:24 second mark on the latter, if you don’t agree with the former’s glam leanings. Either way, the Benassi “Satisfaction” production crew, along with English producer William Orbit of Bass-O-Matic fame have their finger on the right pulse. What tune will the choir of Madonna fans sing though?


Google says it’s International Women’s Day today. Though narrowing down an exemplified veritable woman to celebrate such an occasion is no easy task, there being just so damn many in music over the years, one can’t go wrong with the empowering Chaka Khan, funk-howling for “every woman,” taking the gender’s famous intuition to new heights reading “everyone’s thoughts right now, everyone from A to Z.”