Credit: n/aThe Gaga has tweeted and the world has taken note. She’s done with her third LP, so alludes her quote, “I’ve played my new record for my label and will be announcing my new album title in September!” It’s an amazing thing when the Big Monster puts something into 140 characters or less. The digital press stage lights up, especially with the hatred flowing in regarding her Born This Way tour through Asia, and her perceived “devil worshiper” antics. It’s a spoon fed reaction to the great “monster of fame” she tackles day to day. In that specific case, she chimed in with a apt tweet about “nothing holy” being a part of “hatred.” Which made some sense, actually.

Other things Lady Gaga has said in non-tweet form – not so much. As with the ongoing artistic cred battle between the Queen of Pop, Madonna. “That’s retarded,” Gaga said at the end of a rant regarding the likeness between “Born This Way” and Madonna’s iconic “Express Yourself.” Madonna later teased the passive cat-fight with a “reductive” jab earlier this year, and just recently was caught rehearsing a sarcastic mash of the two artists’ songs, medleyed with 2008’s “She’s Not Me.” Basically, the two just can’t seem to call a truce.

So since the Gaga is all quiet on the social media and interview front about the fussin’ and the feudin’ lately, aside from getting on with her new album news and all, we decided to offer a few suggestions for the new LP package come September. Lyrically, well, we’ll leave that up to her. Have any other suggestions? Drop them below.

Express Your Reductiveness

Credit: n/aMadonna’s “Express Yourself” makes bedfellows with her “reductive” jab at Lady Gaga. Spoon-fed turn-of-phrase on Gaga’s end.

I Am Gaga

Credit: n/aRiffing off of Madonna’s “She’s Not Me” medley, and perfect Gaga mantra.

Holy Hatred

Credit: n/aBoiling down Gaga’s cryptic tweet in the midst of backlashes out on her Asia Born This Way tour into something more poetic.

The Retarded Fame Monster

Credit: n/aIn cheeky continuation of the “Fame” title series, with just a smidgen of her own ridiculous medicine.


Credit: n/aIf Madonna can title an album MDNA. Surely Gaga could have some fun with LGBT and kill two birds with one stone – her advocation of the LGBT community and a cunning poke at an acronym much more wholesome than a drug reference.