Photo: TMZ

There’s not a pop star out there right now who draws the ire of the public quite like Justin Bieber does. He’s a detestable little mouse who thrives off being a nuisance, a professional asshole without an ounce of shame. He’s the type of guy that deserves to be beat down with a wiffle ball bat or slapped in the face with a chili dog.

Of course, like the little rat he is, he’s taken any negative press and spun it into something of an identity – one that’s kept his name in the headlines and his pocketbook fat. The most recent controversy, however, just might be the deathblow needed to bring his inflated ego back down to Earth.

The video that’s drawing so much attention is that of a 14-year-old Bieber adding racist ad-libs to the song “One Less Lonely Girl.” He replaces “girl” with “n*****,” and then for good measure adds the appalling bridge  “If I kill you, I’d be part of the KKK.” All this after a previous video surfaced of a then 15-year-old Bieber telling a racist joke.

Originally released to stymie an extortion attempt, his people wanted to act promptly to try and salvage face. It’s damage control at its finest. First and foremost it is nauseating to watch. Bieber sitting there with that shit-grin, his self-centered disposition in its infancy but still clearly there. In the background the nefarious giggling of some minion. It’s got Bieber haters salivating demanding blood or at the very least his extradition from music. But unfortunately, and as difficult as it is to admit that shouldn’t be the case.

Justin Bieber is a dumb kid in that video, he’s a dumb kid now. But it’s hard to take what any child says at that age and make them pay for it for the rest of their lives. We’re not talking about Michael Richards or Donald Sterling, those are two grown men. He’s apologized since and has owned up to all the criticism. So give him credit for that.

On the other hand, it’s oddly satisfying though to see him squirm like this. But if Justin Bieber is going to be ostracized from the public eye it should be for the godawful music he puts out into the world, not for some ignorant thing he said as a child.