New Edition Lyrics

Genre: R&B

New Edition Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Can You Stand the Rain
2 Do What I Gotta Do
3 Try Again
4 How Do You Like Your Love Served
5 Lost in Love
6 Hot 2 Nite
7 Old Friends
8 Thank You (The J.G. Interlude)
9 Sexy Lady
10 That's Why I Lied
11 I'm Still In Love With You
12 My Prerogative
13 "Oh, Yeah, It Feels So Good"
14 Hot 2nite
15 Candy Girl
16 Is This the End
17 If It Isn't Love
18 Mr. Telephone Man
19 Wrap My Body Tight - Johnny Gill
20 Cool It Now
21 When Will I See You Smile Again?
22 Crucial
23 Hear Me Out
24 Delicious
25 Where It All Started
26 (Hey There) Lonely Girl
27 Baby Love
28 Been So Long
29 I'm Leaving You Again
30 Superlady
31 She Gives Me a Bang
32 Since I Don’t Have You
33 I'm Comin' Home
34 Cool It Now (Sing Along Mix)
35 All I Want for Christmas Is My Girl
36 Hit Me Off
37 A Little Bit Of Love
38 Tighten It Up
39 I’m Comin’ Home
40 N.E. Heart Break
41 Wildest Dream
42 Supernatural
43 Jealous Girl
44 Home Again
45 Duke of Earl
46 Popcorn Love
47 I’m Still In Love With You
48 Money Can't Buy You Love (Soundtrack Version)
49 Sweet Thing
50 Tears on My Pillow
51 A Thousand Miles Away
52 Come Home With Me
53 Feelin' It
54 School
55 A Little Bit of Love (Is All it Takes)
56 My Secret Lyrics
57 Give Love on Christmas Day
58 Best Man
59 Don't Be Cruel
60 Rock Wit'cha
61 One More Day
62 Gimme Your Love
63 Lost in Love Lyrics
64 Re-Write The Memories
65 Humpin' Around
66 Do Me! - Bell Biv DeVoe
67 Something About You
68 Last Time
69 My, My, My
70 Newness
71 One Love Interlude
72 Start Turnin' Me On
73 You Don't Have To Worry
74 Let's Be Friends
75 Sensitivity
76 Shop Around
77 Count Me Out
78 A Million to One
79 Intro
80 Boys To Men
81 My Secret (Didja Gitit Yet?)
82 You're Not My Kind of Girl
83 My Secret (Didja Get It Yet?)
84 Kickback
85 Bring Back The Memories
86 Leave Me
87 Competition
88 Helplessly In Love
89 Who Do You Trust
90 Maryann
91 Hide and Seek
92 N.E. Heartbreak
93 Should Have Never Told Me
94 Ooh Baby
95 Once In A Lifetime Groove
96 Kinda Girls We Like
97 Still In Love
98 Love Again
99 Hot2Nite
100 With You All the Way
101 I’m Leaving You Again
102 Blue Moon
103 Tonight's Your Night
104 Thank You
105 It's Christmas (All Over the World)
106 Whispers In Bed
107 Since I Don't Have You
108 Where Do We Go from Here
109 On Our Own
110 That's the Way We're Livin'
111 Every Little Step
112 Tonight’s Your Night
113 Stone Cold Gentleman
114 Roni

New Edition Bio

New Edition is an American R&B male music group formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 1978 that was most popular during the 1980s. They were the progenitors of the boy band movement of the 1980s and 1990s and led the way for groups like New Kids on the Block and Boyz II Men.

At the height of their early popularity in 1983, the group consisted of Ronnie DeVoe, Ralph Tresvant, Bobby Brown, Michael Bivins, and Ricky Bell. Early hits included songs like 1983's "Candy Girl" and 1984's "Cool It Now". Brown left in late 1985 to embark on a successful solo career. The group continued for a time with four members, but eventually recruited singer Johnny Gill to record their 1988 album Heart Break. The group went on hiatus in 1990, while its various members worked on side projects, such as the group Bell Biv Devoe. Gill and Tresvant also recorded successful solo albums.

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