Nesian Mystik Song Lyrics

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Nesian Mystik Bio

Nesian Mystik was a New Zealand Hip-Hop/R&B group which formed in 1999. The cultural backgrounds of its members united a remarkable diversity of Polynesia by bringing together Cook Island, Tongan, Samoan and Maori ancestry. As well as producing a record number of Top 10 New Zealand singles, Nesian Mystik supported international acts such as Robbie Williams, Missy Elliott, Shaggy and The Black Eyed Peas. The group officially disbanded in 2011 after a successful music career that included four commercially successful albums and numerous New Zealand Music Award nominations.

In 1999, Nesian Mystik was formed in the music room of Auckland's Western Springs College. All members attended the school except Strickson-Pua who attended St Paul's College in Auckland. The band was originally named "Tropical Penguins" to enter a school talent competition.

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