Nerina Pallot Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Nerina Pallot Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Real Late Starter
2 It Starts
3 The Long Tall Grass Of Summer
4 I Don't Want To Go Out
5 Buckminster Fuller
6 The Right Side
7 When Did I Become Such A Bitch
8 Girl On A Wire
9 Coming Home
10 Peg
11 Very Good Sir
12 Ain’t Got Anything Left
13 Love Is Blind
14 Where Is My Friend
15 Blessed
16 All Bets Are Off
17 Rainbow
18 That’s Really Something
19 Never Had a Single Original Thought
20 Happy Day
21 Longest Memory
22 Halfway Home
23 Daily Bread
24 Nervous
25 Free as You Wanna Be
26 Count On Me
27 Better Than Today
28 Nickindia
29 Blood Is Blood
30 Sorriest MF In Town
31 Boy On the Bus
32 Stand Up
33 Everything's Illuminated
34 Heart Attack
35 Daphne And Apollo
36 The Hold Tight
37 Heidi
38 Alien
39 Small Things
40 All Good People
41 Watch Out Billie
42 Closer
43 Men Are Not from Mars
44 If I Lost You Now
45 Lay Down With Me
46 It Was Me
47 Mr. King
48 My Last Tango
49 Get To Feel
50 If I Had a Girl
51 Butterfly
52 Feels Like Home
53 Geek Love
54 If I Know You
55 This Year’s Model
56 I’m Gonna Be Your Man
57 This Will Be Our Year
58 Spirit Walks
59 Cigarette
60 Dear Frustrated Superstar
61 God
62 Hard Equation
63 One Foot Forward
64 I Think
65 Not Over You
66 Learning To Breathe
67 Patience
68 Don’t Be Late
69 Simple Life
70 Will You Still Love Me
71 Handle
72 Idaho
73 I Wish
74 We Should Break Up
75 Love Electric
76 I Do Not Want What I Do Not Have
77 You and I
78 Human
79 Put Your Hands Up
80 We Made It Through Another Year
81 Thicker Than Blood
82 Let Your Love Come Down
83 Grace
84 If This Ain’t Real
85 Put Your Hands Up (Single)
86 A Christmas Lullaby
87 Happy
88 Cool Black Leather
89 History Boys
90 There Is a Drum
91 Put Your Hands Up (Acoustic Version)
92 Put Your Hands Up (Like It's 1987)
93 Blue Christmas
94 Dead to Me
95 I Saw The Light
96 Everybody's Gone to War
97 Rousseau
98 Damascus
99 Jump
100 I Know What You’re Doing for Christmas
101 Happy Birthday to Me
102 Little Bull
103 Big White House
104 Sophia
105 Someday Soon
106 No Harm Done
107 Free Man
108 Million To One
109 The Road
110 Turn Me On Again

Nerina Pallot Bio

Nerina Natasha Georgina Pallot (born 26 April 1974, London) is a British singer, songwriter and producer, who has released four albums and over a dozen of EPs. She was nominated for British Female Solo Artist at the 2007 BRIT Awards and nominated for an Ivor Novello Award for "Sophia" in the category of 'Best Song (musically and lyrically)' in the same year. Besides her own material, Pallot has written songs for Kylie Minogue and Diana Vickers. She mostly tours around the UK and is married to record producer Andy Chatterley.

Although she was born in London, Pallot was brought up in Jersey by a half-French father and a mother from Allahabad, India together with her sister. Pallot played piano as a child and wrote her first song aged 13. She has identified seeing singer and pianist Kate Bush perform her hit song "This Woman's Work" on television series Wogan as a catalyst for her to pursue a music career. She attended Jersey College for Girls, and received a music scholarship for Wellington College.