Natalia Lafourcade Song Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Natalia Lafourcade Bio

Natalia Lafourcade (born Natalia Lafourcade Silva on 26 February 1984 in Coatepec, Mexico) is a Mexican pop-rock singer and songwriter. Her band's name is Natalia y La Forquetina.

Since she was very young, Natalia has had a great interest in music, partly because her parents were musicians (her father is the French-Chilean musician Gastón Lafourcade; and her uncle is writer Enrique Lafourcade, Gastón's brother). At three years old she began to sing; at four, she realized that she wanted to be an artist.

She attended Instituto Anglo Español, a Catholic middle school. In her childhood and adolescence she studied painting, flute, theater, music, acting, piano, guitar, saxophone and singing. When she was 10, Natalia sang in a Mariachi group.

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