Nanci Griffith Lyrics

Genre: Country

Nanci Griffith Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Roses On the 4th of July
2 Tumble And Fall
3 Julie Anne
4 Late Night Grande Hotel
5 Party Girl
6 Waltzing with the Angels
7 Lone Star State of Mind
8 This Old Town
9 Trouble in the Fields
10 These Days in an Open Book
11 Last Train Home
12 Morning Song for Sally
13 Deadwood
14 Deadwood, South Dakota
15 More Than a Whisper
16 Pour Me A Drink
17 Our Very Own
18 Shaking Out the Snow
19 One of These Days
20 Hometown Streets
21 Hard Times Come Again No More
22 Across the Great Divide
23 Don't Forget About Me
24 Not Innocent Enough
25 So Long Ago
26 Talk to Me While I'm Listening
27 Anyone Can Be Somebody's Fool
28 Things I Don't Need
29 Dollar Matinee
30 Tequila After Midnight
31 In the Wee Small Hours
32 Down 'N' Outer
33 Tonight I Think I'm Gonna Go Downtown
34 Midnight in Missoula
35 Speed of the Sound of Loneliness
36 Banks of the Pontchartrain
37 October Reasons
38 Stranded In The High Ground
39 Time Alone
40 I Would Bring You Ireland
41 West Texas Sun
42 You Made This Love a Teardrop
43 I Remember Joe
44 Old Hanoi
45 Where Would I Be
46 Battlefield
47 The Loving Kind
48 Storms
49 Goin' Gone
50 Heart Of A Miner
51 Hell No (I’m Not Alright)
52 Ghost In the Music
53 Workin' in Corners
54 Ballad of Robin Winter Smith
55 Do Re Mi
56 Alabama Soft Spoken Blues
57 Rise to the Occasion
58 1937 Pre-War Kimball
59 He Was a Friend of Mine
60 The Last of the True Believers
61 Money Changes Everything
62 Ruby's Arms
63 Love's Found a Shoulder
64 Waiting On A Dark Eyed Gal
65 Friend Out In the Madness
66 Maybe Tomorrow
67 I Hear Nevada
68 If Wishes Were Changes
69 There's a Light Beyond These Woods
70 Always Will
71 This Heart
72 If I Were The Woman You Wanted
73 Is This All There Is?
74 The Streets of Baltimore
75 Fly by Night
76 There's a Light Beyond These Woods (Mary Margaret)
77 Intersection
78 Daddy Said
79 The Wing and the Wheel
80 Ghost In The Music
81 You Can't Go Home
82 Clock Without Hands
83 Cold Hearts / Closed Minds
84 Once In a Very Blue Moon
85 It's Too Late
86 Drops from the Faucet
87 Poet in My Window
88 The Flyer
89 Never Going Back
90 Beautiful
91 Southbound Train
92 Howard Larman: Guitar Tuning
93 Big Blue Ball of War
94 Desperadoes Waiting for a Train
95 Trouble with Roses
96 Waiting for Love
97 Sweet Dreams Will Come
98 Wheels
99 Woman Of The Phoenix
100 You Were on My Mind
101 Drive-In Movies and Dashboard Lights
102 Bethlehem Steel
103 Angels
104 Tappan Zee
105 White Freight Liner
106 Love Wore a Halo (Back Before the War)
107 Let It Shine on Me
108 I'll Move Along
109 Beacon Street
110 Traveling Through This Part of You
111 Wouldn't That Be Fine
112 Heaven
113 Tower Song
114 Good Night, New York
115 The Road to Aberdeen
116 Lost Him in the Sun
117 Time of Inconvenience
118 Neon & Waltzes
119 Can't Love Wrong
120 Listen to the Radio
121 Michael's Song
122 Pearl's Eye View (The Life of Dickey Chapelle)
123 Up Against The Rain
124 Three Flights Up
125 Are You Tired Of Me Darling
126 Turn Around
127 I Fought the Law
128 I Still Miss Someone
129 Truly Something Fine
130 Comin' Down In The Rain
131 Marilyn Monroe/Neon and Waltzes
132 Saint Teresa of Avila
133 I'm Not Drivin' These Wheels (Bring the Prose to the Wheel)
134 Cotton
135 San Diego Serenade
136 West Texas Sun
137 Outbound Plane
138 Goodnight to a Mother's Dream
139 Before
140 I Don't Wanna Talk About Love
141 500 Miles From the Mexican Border
142 Year Down in New Orleans
143 Going Back to Georgia
144 Lookin' for the Time (Workin' Girl)
145 From a Distance
146 Love at the Five and Dime
147 Tell Me How
148 Canadian Whiskey
149 It's a Hard Life Wherever You Go
150 Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound
151 I Love This Town
152 Gulf Coast Highway
153 Ford Econoline
154 I Remember Joe
155 When I Dream
156 Last Song for Mother
157 If These Walls Could Speak
158 Love at the Five and Dime (Live)
159 Looking For The Time (Workin' Girl)
160 I Still Miss Someone
161 Across America
162 Grapefruit Moon
163 I Would Change My Life
164 High On A Mountain Top
165 Fields of Summer
166 Louise
167 Spin on a Red Brick Floor
168 Brave Companion Of The Road
169 Heart of Indochine
170 The Sun, Moon and Stars
171 Sing One for Sister
172 Mountain of Sorrow
173 Fragile
174 Tecumseh Valley
175 Come On Up Mississippi
176 Walk Right Back
177 It's Just Another Morning Here
178 Wichita Falls
179 What's That I Hear
180 On Grafton Street
181 Leaving The Harbor
182 Everything's Comin' Up Roses
183 Wooden Heart
184 Sing
185 Dress of Laces
186 Anything You Need But Me
187 Boots of Spanish Leather
188 Davey’s Last Picture
189 Roseville Fair
190 Love Is a Hard Waltz
191 There's A Light Beyond These Woods
192 Two for the Road
193 Love in a Memory
194 Armstrong
195 Try the Love
196 Please Call Me, Baby
197 Simple Life
198 Bad Seed
199 I Knew Love
200 Mary & Omie
201 Grace of True Love Holds
202 Radio Fragile
203 Who Knows Where the Time Goes?
204 Little Love Affairs
205 One Blade Shy of a Sharp Edge
206 Montana Backroads
207 Still Life
208 The Ghost Inside of Me
209 I Wish It Would Rain
210 Just Another Morning Here
211 Cold Hearts/Closed Minds
212 Wheels
213 Say It Isn't So
214 Song for Remembered Heroes
215 Not My Way Home
216 Mary and Omie
217 Bluer Than Blue
218 Wasn't That a Mighty Storm
219 Wall of Death
220 Never Mind
221 If I Could Only Fly
222 Love Conquers All
223 You Can't Go Home Again
224 Back When Ted Loved Sylvia
225 The Power Lines

Nanci Griffith Bio

Nanci Caroline Griffith (born July 6, 1953) is an American singer, guitarist, and songwriter, reared in Austin, Texas, who currently lives in Nashville.

Griffith was born in Seguin, Texas, and her career has spanned a variety of musical genres, predominantly country, folk, and what she terms "folkabilly." Griffith won a Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Folk Album in 1994 for her recording, Other Voices, Other Rooms. This album features Griffith covering the songs of artists who are her major influences. One of her better-known songs is "From a Distance," which was written and composed by Julie Gold, although Bette Midler's version achieved greater commercial success. Similarly, other artists have occasionally achieved greater success than Griffith herself with songs that she wrote or co-wrote. For example, Kathy Mattea had a country music top five hit with a 1986 cover of Griffith's "Love at the Five and Dime" and Suzy Bogguss had one of her largest hits with Griffith's and Tom Russell's "Outbound Plane".

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