Nada Surf Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Nada Surf Lyrics - by Popularity

1 The Plan
2 Weightless
3 Treehouse
4 Happy Kid
5 Ice On The Wing
6 Inside Of Love
7 See These Bones
8 The Fox
9 Stalemate
10 Nothing
11 Whose Authority
12 Blonde On Blonde
13 The Way You Wear Your Head
14 Deeper Well
15 Are You Lightning?
16 Neither Heaven Nor Space
17 Hollywood
18 La Pour Ca
19 From Now On
20 Treading Water
21 Popular
22 Psychic Caramel
23 Sleep
24 The Film Did Not Go 'Round
25 Where Is My Mind?
26 In The Mirror
27 Teenage Dreams
28 Everyone's On Tour
29 Enjoy The Silence
30 Hyperspace
31 Armies Walk
32 Looking Through
33 Blizzard Of '77
34 Love Goes On
35 Mother's Day
36 Imaginary Friends
37 Let The Fight Do The Fighting
38 Zen Brain
39 Janine
40 Sea Knows When
41 Troublemaker
42 No Snow On The Mountain
43 You Were So Warm
44 80 Windows
45 Bad Best Friend
46 The Future
47 Fruit Fly
48 Love And Anger
49 Everybody Lies
50 Dispossession
51 Agony Of Lafitte
52 Telescope
53 The Voices
54 Beautiful Beat
55 Hi-Speed Soul
56 Bye Bye Beaute
57 Robot
58 Firecracker
59 Here Goes Something
60 Killian's Red
61 Question
62 Bye Bye Beautie
63 Concrete Bed
64 Slow Down
65 Bright Side
66 Do It Again
67 Silent Fighting
68 Evolucion
69 Always Love
70 Spooky
71 I Like What You Say
72 I Remembered What I Was Going To Say
73 What Is Your Secret?
74 Clear Eye Clouded Mind
75 Icebox
76 Love & Anger
77 Your Legs Grow
78 Waiting For Something
79 Paper Boats
80 The Agony Of Laffitte
81 All Is A Game
82 When I Was Young
83 If You Leave (OMD Cover)
84 From The Rooftop Down
85 Blankest Year
86 Jules And Jim
87 Bacardi
88 Comes A Time
89 The Moon Is Calling
90 I Wanna Take You Home
91 Electrocution
92 Amateur

Nada Surf Bio

Nada Surf is an American alternative rock band. Formed in 1992, the New York band consists of Matthew Caws (guitar, vocals), Ira Elliot (drums, backup vocals) and Daniel Lorca (bass, backup vocals).

Nada Surf was formed in the early nineties by Matthew Caws and Daniel Lorca. They met in the Lycée français de New York (USA) and spent some of their childhood in France and Belgium. They played in many bands, including The Cost of Living and Because Because Because. Their first drummer was named Dan, later alluded to in the song "The Plan" (High/Low). Dan was then replaced by Aaron Conte, with whom the band recorded its first 7", The Plan/Telescope (1994/Stickboy), as well as the demo tape Tafkans, the raw version of High/Low. Those raw versions were later released on their second 7", Deeper Well/Pressure Free (1995/Deep Elm Records), on the Karmic EP and on North 6th Street.

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