N-Trance Lyrics

Genre: Dance

N-Trance Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Gimme 1 2 3 4 5
2 I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love... Again
3 Turn Up The Power
4 Do Ya Think I'm Sexy
5 Just Let It Go
6 Set You Free
7 I Will Take You There
8 Forever
9 Softly Dragging Me Down
10 Paradise City
11 That's All We Need
12 Set You Free (Voodoo & Serano radio edit)
13 Set You Free (original 12" version)
14 D.I.S.C.O.
15 Megamix
16 Set You Free (Rob Searle remix edit)
17 Set You Free (a cappella)
18 Shake Ya Body (Radio Edit)
19 Da Ya Think I'm Sexy (feat. Rod Stewart)
20 Set You Free 2001
21 Staying Alive
22 Tears In The Rain (Radio Edit)
23 Set You Free (TTF Remix)
24 D.I.S.C.O. (San Francisco Mix)
25 Do You Wanna Rock
26 Electronic Pleasure (Extended Mix)
27 Set You Free (Liberation Mix)
28 Stayin' Alive (Pirate Radio Version)
29 Electronic Pleasure
30 Turn Up The Power (Radio Edit)
31 Set You Free (Lost Soul Version)
32 Set You Free (Hixxy mix)
33 Set You Free (Acapella - N-Trance Unplugged)
34 Set You Free (Original Edit)
35 Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?
36 L Will Take You There
37 Nothing Lasts Forever (Radio Edit)
38 Set You Free (Kleptomania Mix)
39 Stayin Alive (live version)
40 Nothing Lasts Forever
41 Set You Free (Original Version)
42 Forever (Voodoo & Seraro mix)
43 Forever (Radio Edit)
44 D.I.S.C.O. (radio edit)
45 Stayin' Alive (remix)
46 Electronic Pleasure (original extended version)
47 D.I.S.C.O. (San Frandisco mix)
48 Do Ya Think I'm Sexy (remix)
49 What Is Your Pleasure
50 Turn Up the Power (Original Radio Edit)
51 D.I.S.C.O. (extended version)
52 Turn Up the Power (MOTIV-8 Vocal Remix)
53 Turn Up the Power (Malfunktion Mix)
54 Stayin' Alive (feat. Riccardo Da Force) (radio version)
55 Set You Free (Acappella)
56 Turn Up the Power (DREAM FREQUENCY Remix)
57 Stayin' Alive
58 Da Ya Think I'm Sexy
59 Turn Up the Power (Liberation Remix)
60 Destiny (Voodoo & Serano remix)
61 Destiny
62 Set You Free 2k9 (Spencer & Hill Radio Edit)
63 Destiny (Friday Night Posse remix)
64 Tears In The Rain
65 Set You Free - Edit

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N-Trance Bio

N-Trance are a British electronic music group, from Oldham, Greater Manchester, who were formed by Kevin O'Toole and Dale Longworth, in 1990. The group has sold over 5 million records worldwide and some of their hit singles include "Set You Free", "Forever", as well as covers of the popular 1970s disco songs "Stayin' Alive", "D.I.S.C.O." and "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?".

Kevin O'Toole and Dale Longworth formed N-Trance, in 1990, after meeting at The Oldham College, where they were both studying sound engineering. Initially, O'Toole and Longworth, along with four or five other students used their college's recording studio for free recording and use of equipment, however they began producing music which they thought was comparable to other rave music in the charts at the time.

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