Mr. Big Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Mr. Big Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Mr Big
2 Mr. Gone
3 To Be With You
4 Wild World
5 Nothing But Love
6 Promise Her the Moon
7 Just Take My Heart
8 Had Enough
9 Electrified
10 Colorado Bulldog
11 Goin' Where The Wind Blows
12 The Chain
13 Anything for You
14 Green-Tinted Sixties Mind
15 Out Of The Underground
16 Never Say Never
17 Dancin' Right Into The Flame
18 Stranger In My Life
19 Ain't Seen Love Like That
20 Mister Gone
21 American Beauty
22 Price You Gotta Pay
23 Superfantastic
24 Temperamental
25 My New Religion
26 What's It Gonna Be
27 A Little Too Loose
28 Merciless
29 CDFF-Lucky This Time
30 The Price You Gotta Pay
31 Static
32 Where Do I Fit In?
33 Mr. Never In A Million Years
34 "Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy"
35 Big Love
36 Light Of Day
37 The Whole World's Gonna Know
38 If That's What It Takes
39 Still Ain't Enough For Me
40 Blame It on My Youth
41 Just Let Your Heart Decide
42 My Kinda Woman
43 Hole In The Sun
44 I Won't Get In My Way
45 It's Always About That Girl
46 Dancin' With My Devils
47 Hold Your Head Up
48 How Can You Do What You Do
49 Cinderella Smile
50 Road To Ruin
51 Mama D.
52 Try To Do Without It
53 A Rose Alone
54 Baba O'riley
55 Alive And Kickin'
56 Fool Us Today
57 Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy (The Electric Drill Song)
58 Shy Boy
59 Rock & Roll Over
60 Voodoo Kiss
61 Seven Impossible Days
62 Be with you
63 Smoke On The Water
64 Take a Walk
65 Addicted to That Rush
66 I've Learned My Lessons
67 All The Way Up
68 Stories We Could Tell
69 Wind Me Up
70 Nobody Left To Blame
71 Undertow
72 Nothing Like It In The World
73 Gotta Love the Ride
74 Still Ain't Enough For Me
75 Shine
76 Wake Up
77 I Forget to Breathe
78 Once Upon A Time
79 How Does It Feel
80 Cheap Little Thrill
81 Fragile
82 As Far As I Can See
83 Trapped In Toyland
84 Arrow
85 Deep Dark Secret
86 Satisfied
87 I Won't Get In My Way
88 Take Cover
89 Suffocation
90 One World Away
91 30 Days in the Hole
92 Man Who Has Everything
93 Around The World
94 Jane Doe
95 Strike Like Lightning
96 I Don't Want To Be Happy
97 Monster in Me
98 I Get The Feeling
99 Hiding Place
100 Long Way Down
101 Unforgiven
102 What if We Were New?
103 Kill Me With A Kiss
104 How Did I Give Myself Away
105 East/West

Mr. Big Bio

Mr. Big is an American rock group, formed in Los Angeles, California in 1988. The band is a quartet composed of Eric Martin (lead vocals), Paul Gilbert (guitar), Billy Sheehan (bass guitar), and Pat Torpey (drums); The band is noted especially for their musicianship, and scored a number of hits. Their songs were often marked by strong vocals and vocal harmonies. Their hits include "To Be with You" (a number one single in 15 countries in 1991) and "Green-Tinted Sixties Mind".

Mr. Big have remained active and popular for over two decades, despite internal conflicts and changing music trends. They broke up in 2002, but after requests from fans, they reunited in 2009; their first tour was in Japan, in June 2009. The band released What If..., their first album in 10 years, in January 2011.

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