Montgomery Gentry Lyrics

Genre: Country

Montgomery Gentry Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Hell Yeah
2 Lonely and Gone
3 Ramblin' Man
4 If You Ever Stop Loving Me
5 My Town
6 Something to Be Proud Of
7 The Fine Line
8 Lucky Man
9 Cold One Comin' On
10 Roll
11 Daddy Won't Sell the Farm
12 You Do Your Thing
13 One In Every Crowd
14 Tattoos & Scars
15 She Couldn't Change Me
16 What Do Ya Think About That
17 Hellbent On Saving Me
18 Wanted Dead Or Alive - Montgomery Gentry
19 Carrying On
20 Self Made Man
21 Didn't I?
22 Cowboy on a steel horse
23 I Got Drunk
24 Didn't Your Mama Tell Ya
25 Roll With Me
26 The Big Revival
27 All Night Long
28 Long Line Of Losers
29 Work Hard, Play Harder
30 Lonesome
31 Cold One's Coming On
32 Redder Than That
33 Damn Baby
34 Why Do I Feel Like Running
35 Talking to My Angel
36 I Like Those People
37 While the World Goes down the Drain
38 Free Fall
39 It's All Good
40 All I Know About Mexico
41 Lie Before You Leave
42 Back When I Knew It All
43 Now You're Talking
44 Hillbilly Shoes
45 For the Money
46 God Knows Who I Am
47 Just Got Paid
48 While You're Still Young
49 Trying to Survive
50 Good Clean Fun
51 I Pick My Parties
52 Ain't About Easy
53 One Of Those Days
54 Lonely & Gone
55 Black Jack Fletcher and Mississippi Sam
56 It Ain't About Easy
57 Takes All Kinds
58 Clouds
59 Lucky to Be Here
60 Look Some More
61 Your Tears Are Comin'
62 Hey Country
63 If a Broken Heart Could Kill
64 Too Hard To Handle... Too Free To Hold
65 Now You're Talkin
66 A Man's Job
67 Where I Come From
68 Ain't No Law Against That
69 I've Loved a Lot More Than I've Hurt
70 Tried and True
71 Damn Right I Am
72 Gone
73 One Trip
74 If You Wanna Keep an Angel
75 Empty
76 Trouble Is
77 Break My Heart Again
78 She Loved Me
79 Free Ride in the Fast Lane
80 Missing You
81 Scarecrow
82 Merry Christmas From The Family
83 I Ain't Got It All That Bad
84 Rebels On The Run
85 Bad For Good
86 If It's The Last Thing I Do
87 Simple Things
88 Speed
89 She Don't Tell Me To
90 Oughta Be More Songs About That
91 Twenty Years Ago
92 So Called Life
93 My Father's Son
94 Some People Change
95 Tattoos and Scars
96 I Never Thought I'd Live This Long

Montgomery Gentry Bio

Montgomery Gentry is an American country music duo composed of Eddie Montgomery (brother of country singer John Michael Montgomery) and Troy Gentry. Both brothers and Gentry were originally members of a country band which had local success in clubs throughout the state of Kentucky. After John Michael left for a solo career, Eddie and Troy Gentry began performing as a duo. Both members of the duo alternate as lead vocalists.

Signed in 1999 to Columbia Records, the duo released its platinum-certified debut album Tattoos & Scars that year. They have since recorded five more studio albums: Carrying On (2001), My Town (2002), You Do Your Thing (2004), Some People Change (2006), and Back When I Knew It All (2008) as well as a Greatest Hits package. These albums have produced more than twenty chart singles for the duo on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts, including the Number One hits "If You Ever Stop Loving Me", "Something to Be Proud Of", "Lucky Man", "Back When I Knew It All" and "Roll with Me" as well as ten more Top Ten hits.

Eddie Montgomery and his brother John Michael lived in Garrard County, Kentucky. Before the duo's formation, Eddie and Troy sang together with John Michael in a band called Early Tymz. In the early 1990s, John Michael left the group and started a solo career. Eddie and Troy, the remaining members of the group, then went through several name changes before they decided to call themselves Montgomery Gentry. In 1994, Gentry won the Jim Beam National Talent Contest and he began to open for acts such as Patty Loveless and Tracy Byrd.

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