Mississippi John Hurt Lyrics

Genre: Blues

Mississippi John Hurt Lyrics - by Popularity

1 I Shall Not Be Moved
2 Salty Dog (Remastered)
3 Coffee Blues (Remastered)
4 Spike Driver's Blues
5 Richland Women Blues
6 Stackolee
7 Louis Collins (Remastered)
8 Avalon Blues (Remastered)
9 Payday
10 Casey Jones (Talkin' Casey) (Remastered)
11 Casey Jones (Talkin' Casey) [Live]
12 Richland Woman Blues (Live)
13 My Creole Belle
14 Slidin' Delta
15 Ain't No Tellin' (Remastered)
16 Candyman
17 Blessed Be the Name (Remastered)
18 Here Am I, Oh Lord, Send Me (Live)
19 Farther Along (From "Shadrach") [Live]
20 You Are My Sunshine
21 Corrina, Corrina
22 Stack O'Lee (Remastered)
23 Ain't No Tellin' (Make Me a Pallet)
24 Frankie (Remastered)
25 Salty Dog Blues (Live)
26 Louis Collins
27 Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight
28 Waiting for a Train
29 Spike Driver Blues (Remastered)
30 Spike Driver's Blues (Live)
31 Pera Lee
32 You Are My Sunshine (Live)
33 Frankie
34 Shortnin' Bread
35 Farther Along
36 Waiting for You
37 Big Leg Blues (Remastered)
38 Short'nin' Bread
39 Salty Dog (Live)
40 Monday Morning Blues (Live)
41 Got The Blues, Can't Be Satisfied
42 Let the Mermaids Flirt With Me
43 Goodnight Irene
44 Nobody's Dirty Business (Remastered)
45 Got the Blues (Can´t Be Satisfied)
46 Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight (Live)
47 I'm Satisfied (Live)
48 Blessed Be the Name
49 Pay Day
50 Lazy Blues
51 Nobody's Dirty Business
52 Ain't No Tellin'
53 Blue Harvest Blues (Remastered)
54 Blue Harvest Blues
55 Casey Jones
56 Nobody Cares for Me
57 Nobodys Dirty Business
58 Aint No Tellin'
59 Candyman (Live)
60 Stack O'Lee
61 Frankie and Albert
62 Candyman Blues
63 Candy Man Blues (Live)
64 Casey Jones (Live)
65 Make Me a Pallet on Your Floor (Live)
66 Sliding Delta
67 Avalon Blues
68 Hot Time in Old Town Tonight
69 Stack O'lee (Remastered)
70 Coffee Blues (Live)
71 Candy Man (Live)
72 Candy Man
73 Richland Woman Blues
74 My Creole Bell
75 Stack O'lee (Remastered)
76 Richland Women Blues (Live)
77 Stack O'Lee Blues
78 Stagolee
79 Spike Driver Blues
80 Hard Time in Old Town Tonight
81 Candy Man (Remastered)
82 Spike Driver Blues (Live)
83 Stack O’Lee Blues -
84 Here Am I, Oh Lord, Send Me
85 Salty Dog
86 Ain't No Telling
87 My Creole Belle (Remastered)
88 Stagolee (Live)
89 Frankie and Johnny
90 Salty Dog Blues
91 Candy Man Blues
92 Coffee Blues
93 Big Leg Blues
94 Make Me a Pallet on Your Floor (Remastered)
95 See See Rider
96 My Creole Belle (Live)
97 Make Me a Pallet on the Floor
98 Make Me a Pallet on Your Floor
99 Sliding Delta (Live)
100 Spike Drivers Blues (live)
101 I'm Satisfied (Remastered)
102 I Shall Not Be Moved (Live)
103 Spike Drivers Blues
104 Monday Morning Blues
105 If You Don't Want Me, Baby
106 Candy Man Blues (Remastered)

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Mississippi John Hurt Bio

John Smith Hurt, better known as Mississippi John Hurt (July 3, 1893 or March 8, 1892 — November 2, 1966) was an American country blues singer and guitarist.

Raised in Avalon, Mississippi, Hurt taught himself how to play the guitar around age nine. Singing to a melodious finger-picked accompaniment, he began to play local dances and parties while working as a sharecropper. He first recorded for Okeh Records in 1928, but these were commercial failures. Hurt then drifted out of the recording scene, and he continued his work as a farmer. Tom Hoskins, a blues enthusiast, would be the first to locate Hurt in 1963. He convinced Hurt to relocate to Washington, D.C., where he was recorded by the Library of Congress in 1964. This rediscovery helped further the American folk music revival, which had led to the rediscovery of many other bluesmen of Hurt's era. Hurt entered the same university and coffeehouse concert circuit as his contemporaries, as well as other Delta blues musicians brought out of retirement. As well as playing concerts, he recorded several studio albums for Vanguard Records.

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