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Genre: Pop

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2 May Your Heart
3 Baby You Can Drive My Car
4 I Turn To U
5 Your Mistake
6 Pretty Vacant
7 Somewhere Over The Rainbow
8 You Will See
9 Never Be the Same Again (Recorded Live at MTV)
10 You Taught Me
11 Love To You
12 Weak
13 Burn
14 Forever Again
15 On the Horizon (radio mix)
16 Anything Goes
17 Yeh Yeh Yeh (Shanghai Surprise remix edit)
18 Better Alone (Radio Edit)
19 First Day of My Life
20 Think About It (Groovesplitters Club Mix)
21 Think About It (More & Masters 'Big Room' Mix)
22 Immune
23 Never Say Never
24 Fragile
25 (How does it feel to be)On top of the world
26 Angel on My Shoulder
27 I Turn to You
28 Drown
29 I Turn to You (Stonebridge R & B Radio Mix)
30 Never Be the Same Again (feat. Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes)
31 Dear Life
32 Yeh Yeh Yeh (Changhai Surprise dub)
33 Better Alone (Original Album Version)
34 Going Down
35 Stronger
36 Nothern Star
37 Don't Need This
38 Northern Star (single version)
39 sophisticated lady
40 I Want Candy
41 If That Was Me
42 Get Out Of Here
43 Everything Must Change
44 I Turn to You (Hex Hector radio mix)
45 Escalator
46 Be the One
47 Better Alone (Amazing Dub Mix)
48 The Moment You Believe
49 Weak (A Capella)
50 Go
51 Little Piece of Me
52 Northern Star (Full Version)
53 If That Were Me (acoustic version)
54 If That Were Me
55 Enemy
56 Warrior
57 I Turn to You (Hex Hector club mix)
58 Anymore
59 Ga Ga
60 Carolyna - Boogieman Club Mix (Radio Edit)
61 Runaway
62 Enemy (Bonus Track)
63 Anarchy in U.K.
64 Here and Now
65 Aren't You Kinda Glad We Did
66 Moment You Believe
67 Feel the Sun
68 Independence Day
69 Set You Free
70 I Want Candy - So-Lo’s Electric Vocal Mix
71 I Turn to You (Tilt's Maverick remix)
72 Something for the Fire
73 Here It Comes Again
74 Carolyna - Boogieman RMX (Radio Version)
75 This Time (Single Version)
76 We Love to Entertain You
77 You'll Never Walk Alone
78 Baby It's Cold Outside
79 Take Your Pleasure
80 Ain't Got No / I Got Life
81 Carolyna (Boogieman Club Mix Extended Version)
82 I Turn To You (Hex Hector Remix)
83 Northern Star
84 Sunrise
85 I Want Candy - So-Lo’s Filtered Disco Dub
86 I Turn to You (Hex Hector radio edit)
87 Version of Me
88 Never Be the Same Again (Kung Pow remix)
89 Don't Let Me Go
90 I Want Candy (Club Junkies Mix)
91 Candy
92 You'll Get Yours
93 I Don't Know How to Love Him
94 I Want Candy (So-Los Electronic vocal mix)
95 Never Be the Same Again
96 Walk Away
97 I Turn To You - StoneBridge R&B Radio Mix
98 Never Be the Same Again (MTV)
99 Room for Love
100 Next Best Superstar
101 Don´t Let Me Go
102 I Want Candy (So-Lo's Electric Vocal Mix)
103 Already Gone
104 Barcelona
105 Reason
106 Both Sides Now
107 If That Where Me
108 I Want Candy (club Junkies radio edit)
109 On the Horizon
110 Maybe This Time
111 Goin' Down
112 Goin' Down (live)
113 Unravelling
114 First Day of My Life (Acoustic)
115 Carolyna (Boogieman Remix Radio Version)
116 I Want Candy (So-Lo's Filtered Disco Dub)
117 Weak - Acapella
118 Can't Stay Tonight
119 Lose Myself in You
120 Rock Me
121 I Turn To You (Radio Mix)
122 Why
123 Here It Comes Again (Radio Edit)
124 Another Hundred People
125 I Want You Back
126 Loving You Better
127 Next Best Superstar (acoustic)
128 Better Alone (Edit)
129 Carolyna (radio edit)
130 Think About It - acappella
131 I'm So Excited
132 Positively Somewhere
133 Stop This Train
134 I Love You Without Trying
135 Yeh Yeh Yeh
136 Northern Star (acoustic version)
137 I Know Him So Well (feat. Emma Bunton)
138 Follow Me
139 Our History
140 Go!
141 Better Alone (Pod Mix Edit)
142 Carolyna (Boogieman radio edit)
143 Northern Star (Live)
144 Like That
145 Melt
146 First Day of My Life (Acoustic Version)
147 Think About It (EP)
148 This Time
149 Never Be the Same Again (feat. Lisa Lopes)
150 Ain't Got No/I Got Life
151 Something's Gonna Happen
152 Blame
153 Better Alone
154 Goodgirl
155 Carolyna (The Lawsy remix)
156 Beautiful Intentions (Live)
157 Living Without You
158 Soul Boy
159 Going Down (live)
160 The Sea
161 First Day of My Life (DJ Fernando & CJ club mix)
162 Closer (live)
163 I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself
164 I Wonder What It Would Be Like
165 Better Alone (Pop Mix)
166 Don't Let Me Go (feat. Adam Argyle)
167 Cruel Intentions
168 Carolyne
169 Never Be the Same Again (Live)
170 Water
171 Rock Me (Radio Edit)
172 Beautiful Mind
173 Closer
174 Goin' Down (single version)
175 I Only Have Eyes For You
176 I Turn to You (club mix)
177 Yeh Yeh Yeh (radio mix)
178 Never Be the Same Again (single edit)
179 Think About It (A Cappella)
180 What If I Stay
181 Suddenly Monday
182 Both Sides Now (Live)
183 Home
184 Rock Me (Dance Version)
185 One By One
186 Never Be the Same Again (single mix)
187 I Turn to You (Damian LeGassick radio mix)
188 Tell Me It's Not True
189 I Turn to You (StoneBridge mix)
190 Better Alone ('Amazing' Dub)
191 Better Alone (Radio Version)
192 Think About It (Instrumental)
193 Understand
194 Protected
195 Beautiful Intentions
196 Next Best Superstar (Live)
197 When You're Gone
198 Let's Love
199 Think About It
200 Stupid Game
201 If I That Were Me
202 I Turn to You (StoneBridge club mix)
203 My Funny Valentine
204 Never Be the Same Again (Plasmic remix)
205 Good Girl
206 Better Alone (Pop Mix Edit)
207 Think About It (Instrumental Version)
208 Out of Time
209 Last Night on Earth
210 I Turn To You (Live)
211 White Wedding
212 Do I
213 Let There Be Love
214 All About You
215 Goin' Down (radio edit)
216 Be the One (live)
217 Something Wonderful
218 Yeh Yeh Yeh (Shanghai Surprise remix)
219 Here & Now
220 Carolyna
221 Think About It (7th Heaven Club Mix)

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Melanie C Bio

Melanie Jayne Chisholm (born 12 January 1974, Whiston, Lancashire) is an English singer-songwriter, businesswoman and television personality, best known as one of the five members of the legendary girl group Spice Girls, in which she was nicknamed "Sporty Spice". Performing as Melanie C as a solo artist, she released four albums, earned nominations for a BRIT and ECHO Awards and charted at the top of Billboard Dance Chart in the United States in late 2000.

Chisholm holds the position for most United Kingdom number-one singles by a female co-writer. She is also third after Lennon and McCartney for the most UK number-one singles by a British co-writer and is the only female to reach the UK number-one as part of a quintet, quartet, duo and as a solo artist.

Chisholm was born on 12 January 1974 in Whiston, Lancashire. Raised in Widnes, she attended Fairfield High School, a specialist college in the performing arts, where she studied singing and dancing. After leaving school at age 15, Chisholm studied for a diploma course in dance, singing, drama and musical theatre at the Doreen Bird College of Performing Arts in Sidcup, Kent. During college, she replied to an advert in The Stage by Chris and Bob Herbert, who were looking to form a new girl group, later to become the Spice Girls. She left college just short of completing her three-year course and gained teaching qualifications in Tap and Modern Theatre Dance with the ISTD. In 1994, she joined the Spice Girls.

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