Meja Lyrics

Genre: Pop

Meja Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Flower Girl
2 Beautiful Girl
3 All 'Bout The Money
4 Lay Me Down
5 How Crazy Are You?
6 I'm Missing You
7 I Wanna Make Love
8 Welcome To The Fanclub Of Love
9 Intimacy
10 Roses In December
11 I Didn't Know (Live)
12 Luxury
13 Present Delay
14 Rainbow (Live)
15 April Love
16 Pop & Television
17 Runnin' Hiding
18 How Crazy Are You? (Live)
19 Daniellas Eyes
20 Seven Sisters Road
21 Pop And Television
22 Flower Girl (Live)
23 Too Many Nights Late
24 Welcome To The Fanclub Of Love - Live Version
25 How Crazy Are You? (Single Remix Version)
26 Private Emotion
27 Radio Radio - Live Version
28 How Crazy Are You? (Remix Version)
29 I Didn't Know
30 Scum Like Me
31 Daniellas Eyes - Live Version
32 How Crazy Are You? (Hallelujah Dub Version)
33 Babysteps
34 I Wanna Make Love - Live Version
35 How Crazy Are You? (Riff Dub Version)
36 Invisible
37 Hippies In The 60's
38 I Didn't Know - Live Version
39 How Crazy Are You? (Turn Off Da Music Dub Version)
40 It Ain't Over
41 Don't Push The River
42 Rainbow - Live Version
43 Yellow Ribbon
44 Under The Sun
45 How Crazy Are You? - Live Version
46 もののけ姫
47 My Best Friend
48 Ready
49 Flower Girl - Live Version
50 It's Too Late
51 Rainbow
52 Radio Radio
53 Welcome to the Fanclub of Love (Live)
54 Simple Days - Walking the Distance
55 Awakening
56 Radio Radio (Live)
57 It's all 'bout the money
58 Spirits
59 Daniellas Eyes (Live)
60 Regrets (I Have None) (Swami Remix)
61 Regrets (I Have None)
62 I Wanna Make Love (Live)

Meja Bio

Meja (born Meja Anna Pernilla Beckman, Nynäshamn, Stockholm County, 12 February 1969), is a Swedish composer and singer. Among her best known songs are "I'm Missing You","All 'Bout the Money" and "Private Emotion" (duet with Ricky Martin). Meja tends to sing with an American accent. She gained more widespread popularity after her single "How Crazy are You?" was used as the main theme music for the Xbox video game Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball.

Prior to her solo career, Meja sang leads on several singles for the early 1990s dance group Legacy of Sound, including the top 10 hit Happy.

Meja was born Anna Pernilla Torndahl. At the age of three she named herself Meja, a name that in 1976 became a legal registered Swedish name. Today hundreds of children in Sweden have been named “Meja”

At the age of 5, Meja started writing poems, singing in choirs and acting. She had her stage debut at “Ystads City theatre” at the age of 7. She was brought up in a musical family, her grandfather, Per Lundkvist, was a composer of both classical and contemporary music and her mother, a recording artist as a child before choosing a path as a painter.

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