Matthew West Lyrics

Genre: Christian

Matthew West Lyrics - by Popularity

1 The Motions
2 You Are Everything
3 All The Broken Pieces
4 More
5 My Own Little World (Single)
6 One Last Christmas (Single)
7 Save A Place For Me
8 Only Grace
9 Happy
10 This Ordinary Life
11 The End
12 The Lie
13 Stop The World
14 The Center
15 Babies And Butterflies, Beatles And Boys!
16 Next Thing You Know
17 Life Inside You
18 The Day Before You
19 You Know Where to Find Me
20 Moment Of Truth
21 Out of My Hands
22 Stand
23 I Can't Hear You
24 Every Second
25 Open Wide My Heart
26 The Turnaround
27 Heart Of Every Man
28 Safe & Sound
29 I Know You're There
30 Something To Say
31 Give This Christmas Away [feat. Amy Grant]
32 The Story Of Your Life
33 The Heart Of Christmas
34 We Are the Broken
35 Get Away
36 To Me
37 Christmas Makes Me Cry
38 Unchangeable
39 Two Houses
40 Day After Christmas
41 Wonderfully Made
42 Broken Girl
43 Leaving Heaven
44 Waitin' On a Miracle
45 Safe And Sound
46 Sellout
47 Family Tree
48 Come On, Christmas
49 Restored
50 Forever and Beyond
51 My Own Little World
52 O Come, All Ye Faithful
53 Love Stands Waiting
54 A Friend In The World
55 One Less
56 Silent Night (Interlude)
57 The Power of a Prayer
58 Forgiveness (Acoustic)
59 Mr. James
60 Strong Enough
61 O' Holy Night
62 Out Of Time
63 Survivors
64 Jingle Bells
65 History
66 The Healing Has Begun
67 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
68 The Moment Of Truth
69 A Few More Days
70 The Reason For The World
71 Forgiveness (Single)
72 The Last Ones
73 When I Say I Do
74 Into the Light
75 The Light of Eternity
76 Be Strong
77 Hello, My Name Is
78 My Finest Hour
79 Reason For The World
80 Forgiveness
81 Curtain
82 Love Has No Walls
83 Give This Christmas Away
84 Do Something
85 Just Like You
86 Nothing Else
87 One Last Christmas
88 Moved By Mercy

Matthew West Bio

Matthew Joseph West (born April 25, 1977) is a Contemporary Christian musician from Nashville, Tennessee. He has released four studio albums and is known for his number-one hits "More", "You Are Everything" and "The Motions". He was nominated for five Dove Awards in 2005, two of which were for his major label debut album Happy.

First starting out as an independent musician in the late 1990s, he released three independent albums before signing onto Universal South Records. With the release of his Dove Award-winning debut album Happy (2003) came the success of his first radio single "More" which stayed at number one on Christian AC charts for nine weeks and received two Dove Award nominations. His second record History (2005) was followed by a 2006 re-release of the originally independent album Sellout. In 2007 he faced vocal issues which threatened his career and two months of prescribed vocal rest. West's third studio album Something to Say (2008) was released in January of the following year and also enjoyed chart success with number one hits "You Are Everything" and "The Motions".

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