Manowar Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Manowar Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Die For Metal
2 Brothers Of Metal
3 The Power
4 The Crown And The Ring
5 Heart of Steel
6 Defender
7 Spirit Horse Of The Cherokee
8 The Gods Made Heavy Metal
9 Hatred
10 Secret Of Steel
11 Achilles, Agony And Ecstasy In Eight Parts
12 Kings of Metal
13 Death Tone - (R Friedman, J Demaio)
14 Metal Warriors (Brothers Of Metal Part One)
15 Hail To England
16 Army Of Immortals
17 The Power of Thy Sword
18 Black Wind,fire And Steel
19 Carry On
20 Drums Of Doom
21 Sleipnir
22 Blood of the Kings
23 Brothers of Metal, Pt. 1
24 Manowar
25 Shell Shock - (R Friedman, J Demaio)
26 Gates Of Valhalla
27 Courage
28 Gloves Of Metal
29 Metal Daze
30 King Of Kings
31 March For Revenge (By The Soldiers Of Death)
32 Animals
33 Warlord
34 Hail and Kill
35 Violence and Bloodshed
36 Burning
37 Battle Hymns - (R Friedman, J Demaio)
38 King
39 Dark Avenger - (R Friedman, J Demaio)
40 Blood Of My Enemies
41 Number 1
42 Bridge Of Death
43 Hail and Kill MMXIV
44 Last Dialog
45 Metal Daze - (J Demaio)
46 The Blood of Odin
47 Kill With Power
48 Hail Kill and Die
49 Wheels of Fire
50 Kings of Metal MMXIV
51 The Demon's Whip
52 Road To Nebuchad
53 The Sons of Odin
54 Thy Crown and Thy Ring MMXIV (Orchestral Version – Instrumental)
55 The Heart of Steel MMXIV (Acoustic Intro)
56 Death Tone
57 Swamp Mud
58 Glory Majesty Unity
59 On Wheels of Fire MMXIV (Instrumental)
60 Outlaw
61 Magic Tower
62 Blow Your Speakers
63 Gods of War
64 The Blood of the Kings MMXIV (Instrumental)
65 All Men Play On Ten
66 Last Battle
67 Army of the Dead, Part II
68 Thy Kingdom Come MMXIV (Instrumental)
69 The Ascension
70 Guyana (Cult Of The Damned)
71 The Ghost
72 Odin
73 Revelation (Death's Angel)
74 Thy Crown and Thy Ring MMXIV (Metal Version)
75 Guyana The Cult Of The Damned
76 Army of the Dead, Part I
77 All Men Play On 10
78 Spellcaster
79 Hymn of the Immortal Warriors
80 The Heart of Steel MMXIV (Guitar Instrumental)
81 Mountains
82 Sign Of The Hammer
83 An American Trilogy
84 Black Arrows
85 Fighting the World
86 The Lord of Steel
87 Hail and Kill MMXIV (Instrumental)
88 The Oath
89 Shell Shock
90 Sting of the Bumblebee
91 Holy War
92 Manowarriors
93 Kings of Metal MMXIV (Instrumental)
94 Thor (The Powerhead)
95 Master of Revenge
96 Fast Taker
97 William's Tale
98 Masters Of Revenge
99 Born in a Grave
100 The Heart of Steel MMXIV (Orchestral Intro Version – Instrumental)
101 Black Wind, Fire and Steel
102 Today Is a Good Day to Die
103 Righteous Glory
104 A Warrior’s Prayer MMXIV
105 The Blood of the Kings MMXIV
106 Return of the Warlord
107 Each Dawn I Die
108 My Spirit Lives On
109 Army Of The Immortals
110 Touch the Sky
111 Kingdom Come
112 Thy Kingdom Come MMXIV
113 Thunderpick
114 March For Revenge
115 Overture to the Hymn of the Immortal Warriors
116 Black List
117 The Sting of the Bumblebee MMXIV
118 Master of the Wind
119 Pleasure Slave
120 Loki God of Fire
121 Expendable
122 Pleasure Slave (Cd Bonus Track Only)
123 Thy Crown and Thy Ring MMXIV (Orchestral Version)
124 Metal Warriors
125 Dark Avenger
126 Fast Taker - (R Friedman, J Demaio)
127 Blood Brothers
128 * Each Dawn I Die
129 El Gringo
130 On Wheels of Fire MMXIV
131 Ride The Dragon
132 Battle Hymn
133 Killing The Master
134 Overture to Odin
135 Annihilation
136 The Warriors Prayer

Manowar Bio

Manowar is an American heavy metal band from Auburn, New York. Formed in 1980, the group is known for lyrics based on fantasy (particularly sword and sorcery) and mythology (particularly Norse mythology). The band is also known for a loud and bombastic sound. In an interview for MTV in February 2007, bassist Joey DeMaio lamented that "these days, there's a real lack of big, epic metal that is drenched with crushing guitars and choirs and orchestras... so it's nice to be one of the few bands that's actually doing that." In 1984 the band was included in the Guinness Book of World Records for delivering the loudest performance, a record which they have since broken on 2 occasions. They also hold the world record for the longest heavy metal concert after playing for 5 hours and 1 minute in Bulgaria in 2008. They also have been known for their slogan "Death to false metal".

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manowar