Manfred Mann's Earth Band Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Manfred Mann's Earth Band Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Time Is Right
2 Davy's On The Road Again
3 Eyes of Nostradamus (12" Single Version)
4 Rescue
5 The Runner
6 Miss You
7 You Angel You
8 Don't Kill It Carol
9 The Mighty Quinn (Live)
10 California Coastline (Single Version) [Mono]
11 Circles
12 Do Anything You Wanna Do
13 Demolition Man (Single Version / Alternate Mix)
14 You Got Me Right Through The Heart
15 For You (single)
16 Nature Of The Beast
17 Blinded By the Light (Single Edit)
18 Angelz At My Gate
19 Martha's Madman (Live)
20 One Way Glass
21 Drowning On Dry Lane
22 Killer On The Loose
23 Tumbling Ball
24 Bulldog
25 Do Anything You Wanna Do (12")
26 Wherever Love Drops — Part Two
27 Chicago Institute (Live)
28 The Mighty Quinn (Quinn the Eskimo)
29 Father of Day, Father of Night (Live)
30 I'm Gonna Have You All
31 Chicago Institute
32 Do Wah Diddy Diddy
33 Visionary Mountains
34 Crossfire
35 Demolition Man (single edit)
36 Somewhere In Afrika
37 Stranded (Live)
38 One Way Glass (An Post TV Ad)
39 Redemption Song (Live)
40 Messin'
41 Mighty Quinn (single edit)
42 Waiter, There's A Yawn In My Ear
43 Fat Nelly
44 Crossfade
45 Redemption Song (alternative)
46 Don't Bring Me Down (Castles Burning) - Live
47 Give Me the Good Earth (Live)
48 Lies (Through The 80s) (Live)
49 Davy's On the Road Again (Live)
50 Father of Day, Father of Night
51 "Belle" of the Earth
52 Nothing Ever Happens
53 Hollywood Town
54 Nightingales and Bombers
55 No Transkei
56 Eyes of Nostradamus - 7" Single Remastered
57 Tribal Statistics (Live)
58 Spirits In The Night (Live)
59 Blinded By the Light (Live)
60 In the Beginning, Darkness
61 You Are, I Am
62 Pleasure And Pain
63 Demolition Man (Single Version/Alternate Mix)
64 Countdown
65 For You
66 Tribal Statistics - Single Edit Remastered
67 Visionary Mountains (Live)
68 Redemption Song (No Kwazulu) [Live]
69 Demolition Man (Live)
70 Solar Fire
71 Lies (Through the 80s)
72 Spirit In The Night
73 It's All Over Now Baby Blue
74 As Above, So Below (Recorded "Live")
75 Lies
76 Martha's Madman - Remastered
77 Going Underground (Live)
78 Mighty Quinn (Quinn the Eskimo) [Live]
79 Blinded By the Light (Short Version) [Live]
80 Father of Day, Father of Night (Edited Version)
81 Stranded
82 Hello, I Am Your Heart
83 Martha's Madman
84 Play with Fire
85 Demolition Man
86 Father of Day, Father of Night - Single Edit Remastered
87 The Runner (Live)
88 Runner (Live)
89 For You (Live)
90 Give Me the Good Earth
91 Heart On the Street
92 Platform End
93 I (Who Have Nothing)
94 Shelter from The Storm
95 Runner
96 Tumbling Ball - Single Edit Remastered
97 Mighty Quinn (Live)
98 Runner (12" Version)
99 Demolition Man (Short Version) [Live]
100 Launching Place
101 Tribal Statistics
102 'Belle' Of The Earth
103 Africa Suite: a. Brothers and Sisters of Africa b. To Bantustan? C. Koze Kobenini? (How Long Must We Wait?) d. Lalela
104 The Price I Pay
105 Going Underground
106 Singing the Dolphin Through - Remastered
107 Joybringer (Live)
108 Sister Billy's Bounce
109 You Angel You (Live)
110 Earth Hymn
111 Eyes of Nostradamus
112 Angels At My Gate
113 Redemption Song (single)
114 Lose The Touch
115 Living Without You
116 Joybringer - Remastered
117 Don't Kill It Carol (Live)
118 Rivers Run Dry
119 Be Not Too Hard (Single Edit)
120 Third World Service
121 Waiting For The Rain
122 Eyes of Nostradamus (12")
123 Adults Only
124 Spirits In the Night
125 Blinded By the Light
126 Blinded By the Light (Remode Edit 2009)
127 Africa Suite
128 Singing the Dolphin Through
129 Brothers and Sisters of Azania
130 Resurrection
131 Father of Day, Father of N
132 Wherever Love Drops — Part One
133 Questions
134 Drowning On Dry Land / Fish Soup
135 Blinded By the Light (Remode Mix 2009)
136 Don't Bring Me Down (Castles Burning)
137 The Road to Babylon
138 Redemption Song (No Kwazulu)
139 Who Are The Mystery Kids?
140 California Coastline (Alternative Version)
141 The Complete History Of Sexual Jealousy
142 Mighty Quinn
143 Mighty Quinn (Quinn the Eskimo)
144 Joybringer
145 California Coastline
146 This Side of Paradise
147 Redemption Song
148 Banquet
149 Martha’s Madman
150 99 lbs
151 California
152 Drowning On Dry Land/Fish Soup
153 The Mighty Quinn
154 Part Time Man
155 Starbird

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Manfred Mann's Earth Band Bio

Manfred Mann's Earth Band is a British progressive rock group formed in 1971 by Manfred Mann.

Having started in the 1960s with a British band that had such hits as "Do Wah Diddy Diddy" and "The Mighty Quinn", then moving on to Jazz Fusion with Manfred Mann Chapter Three, Manfred's third band, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, is still alive and recording. In his 2003 biography, Klaus Voormann, former member of Manfred Mann and Beatles-associate, is alleged to have inspired the Earth Band's name by having suggested several times throughout the 1960s that Mann's soft pop style of those days had to become "earthier" and rockier, not least of all because of the seemingly effeminate image of Mann's earlier band which had led to a number of close encounters with violence, particularly in Ireland.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mannfred_Mann%27s_Earth_Band